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The Top Reasons Why Most People Don’t Find Success


We read about the overnight success of others, or so it seems.  But was it really overnight?

Names that come to mind are Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, and Bill Gates. The fact of the matter is, they studied and persevered. Each took risk to transform their ideas into reality.  Recognizing they could not do it alone, they employed those who grasped their vision. 

Steve Jobs is a prime example of what many would refer to as “failure”. He was booted out of his own company for a long while. Most would have quit. But eventually, he returned to the company he had founded to make Apple a roaring success. Overnight, hardly.

Perseverance, Follow-up and Refinement are the keys to success.

My Story

In the sales arena, the one word that distinguished the successful from the not so successful was, and still is, “follow-up”. When prospective clients told me, “not now”, I would smile and ask when would be better. The date was noted on a calendar along with the preferred time.

On the day I was to call, I cheerfully began the conversation with, “Can you believe how quickly time passes? You asked me to call today, and I’m keeping my promise made to you.”

The way I began the conversation let the other person know that I listened. I followed up according to their instructions. By doing so, I implied that I was trustworthy. Our relationship built before ever having met.  This resulted in my being invited to have a meeting.


People less confident become nervous about contacting the prospect again. Excuses are made as to why following up is not of importance. They instead turn to a new prospect with the hope of encountering an instant sale. Instant sales for high dollar amounts are almost non-existent. Accordingly, the salespeople entered the revolving door syndrome. This translated into the need to quickly find a new job. The fact remains, without the follow-up there will be no sale.

Your Story

Should you be in the business of pursuit to find a sale, a sponsor, a new job, or anything else you might think of, a long list of possibilities is required. The second step is to follow-up.

Ask these questions upon hearing “No”:

  • What is the reason for “no” so I have a better understanding?
  • When would you like me to follow up?
  • Which type of contact do you prefer?

Take note of the answers and transfer the information to your CRM system or phone calendar. Next, set an alarm on the day for 30 minutes prior to the time set. Review the notes you took. Research the internet regarding the company and the people behind it. Pace the floor to increase energy.


By the time you do pick up the phone, have a video conversation, or write a note, the energy and enthusiasm will come across. Remind the person they told you to contact them now. Smile and enjoy the conversation.

Your timely follow-up is the main reason for most to consider doing business with you.

Sales Tips:

  1. Smile when told “not now”.
  2. Ask “When will be better?”
  3. Inquire as to the reason a future date will be best.
  4. Recognize you are on your way to getting the sale.
  5. Positive thought most often brings positive results.
  6. Research the people and the company in question.
  7. Find commonality between all of you.
  8. During your next communication, point out the similarities.
  9. Before you begin a sales track, ask if anything has changed since you last spoke.
  10. Use the insight for leading the conversation.
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