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The Toxic Effects of Worrying


The Toxic Effects of Worrying

Imagine that you’re looking at a coin…on one side is worry and on the other side is confidence. 

Why is worrying so addictive to us humans? Everyone does it. Worrying is one of the most powerful forms of visualization. This is our reality because we’re using our five sense while worrying. Sight, sound, touch, smell and taste. All of these senses make worry come alive in us, therefore, it is real to our mind, body and spirit. It’s now residing at a cellular level.

Our past history says this is how life is. This is all housed in the reptilian brain. Life, once more, becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Worrying says, “I knew it was going to happen…” and guess what? It does.

Now flip the coin over and use the other side…the side of confidence. What is confidence? It’s having faith in yourself. How do you use confidence to combat worry? You give yourself options that are just as true historically as your worry historical perceptions are. In other words, visit the past and focus on how your succeeded, achieved, overcame and solved problems. 

Remember, worry puts our back up against the wall. That’s where our reptilian brain wants to be because this is our comfort zone. We then have to fight our way out. Conversely, there is confidence, that is fluid, open, floating and seeing in all directions. Know that you will be okay and I promise you, you will be. 

Consciously flip your coin to the confidence side. You will never regret it. 

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