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Want High Performing Emails? 12 Minor Tweaks for Success


Written by: Sam Balter

Sometimes changing your email campaigns or strategy can seem like a daunting task.

Making a few small adjustments to your email marketing campaigns can greatly improve open rates, conversion rates, and drive higher engagement. Instead of thinking about big changes and huge initiatives, consider just making several minor tweaks to your campaigns to see big results.

Here are 12 minor tweaks you can make to your emails. Each of these adjustments take less than an hour to implement and can have a huge impact on your email marketing campaigns. 

1) Make your subject line a question

Most people use the subject as a title for their email marketing, but the goal is often to get a response to a targeted question. Make that question your subject line.

2) Change who the email comes from

If you have emails coming from marketing@yourcompany, try using a real employee’s name or create a mascot that aligns with your brand.

3) Use dynamic content in subject line

Hi [First Name] is common in the body of an email but can do wonders for open rates when its used in the subject line.

4) Personalize the Call-to-Action

If you use call-to-action buttons you may be shocked by how much lift you get from changing “Download eBook” to “Get eBook” to “Get eBook Now”. Personalize your content even more by offering Dynamic CTA’s (smart CTA’s based on what the user has already downloaded)  

5) Add a picture

A picture is worth a thousand words so don’t be afraid to add at least one to your emails. Try using something to explain how your product works, a humorous cartoon, or maybe just an image that resonates with your audience.

6) Font Style and Font Size

Non-designers don’t appreciate the power of a good font. Adjust the size and style of your font to emphasize key points.

email marketing

7) More Color

A small bouquet of flowers can have a large effect the feel of a room. Find an aspect of your email design such as the a header, a line divider, or a footer that might need a fresh coat of color.

8) Add Icons

They are a simple way to denote what your email is about. Icons are a great addition to emails with multiple sections, such as a newsletter or an onboarding email.

9) Make your Call-to-Action a Powerful Image

Sometimes it’s better to ditch a button for a powerful image with compelling text. If you want to knock someone’s socks off try an explanatory GIF like this one:

10) Resend your un-opened subscribers 

This is my favorite workflow trick. If someone didn’t open my first email then I send second email a few days later, at a different time, with a new subject line. If you’re new to email marketing automation this eBook on Content Marketing will be a huge help.

11) Create internal notifications

When someone fills out a form on your website make sure that not only marketing is receiving an update, also ensure your sales team is kept in the loop. Try text based notifications for a faster response because they are opened 98% of the time in under 15 minutes.

12) Change the time of day

It’s usually most effective to send emails in the morning and right after lunch but you will never know what works best for your customers unless you experiment with sending emails at different times.  


So there you have it. Use these minor tweaks and you will be on your way to higher performing emails.

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