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What the Election Is Teaching Us About Personal Brand


What the Election Is Teaching Us About Personal Brand

Each day we are faced with making dozens of decisions. Some do not require much thought while others have us pausing to consider the better route. Lately, I’ve been wondering how clients would react toward us if we were to make similar pronouncements and decisions as our esteemed politicians are currently doing. Given the Presidential vote is just around the corner, a number of topics come to mind.

Consistency in words, actions and deeds convey our personal brand.

My Story

Upon becoming an entrepreneur, I wasn’t familiar with the term, “personal brand”. I quickly learned that it’s similar to maintaining our reputation. A critical factor is to know that others watch for potential inconsistencies in all we do through verbal and written communication plus actions taken.

As a businessperson or one who is seeking to advance their career, in addition to consistency, providing value and being of service are all essential. All of this makes a huge difference in the final outcome. Job seekers know this as do top sales producers. Compromising values and integrity are not to enter the equation.

Integrity Variances

It’s interesting how some people are able to get away with ignoring all of it. Watching denials on TV news have me questioning:

  • Is it worth the risk and the sleepless nights?
  • Are lies okay for some people but not for others; and if so, why is that?
  • Is there a different set of rules for the famous or the top 1%?
  • If we have different rules for different success levels, should processes continue in this way?  Should the answer be no, then it needs to be decided what is to be fixed and how to get it done.


There is apparent anger on both sides of the table. A negotiation is called for loud and clear. Will having gotten to this low point bring about the change we all need, want and desire? Sales is all about meeting the client’s needs, wants and desires. The voters are essentially clients of the said politicians. Improvement could be seen if the public were to be treated as the potential client.


Principles and Values

Holding our principles and values in mind at all times are what enable us to make the improved decisions. Many people agree that the U.S. has arrived at a new political low. The good news is politics has become an excellent case study for businesspeople to dissect. In so doing, an improved understanding of how future representatives are to actually represent their constituents and uphold the law will become apparent. Over time, we could cement relations (not a wall) to very slowly regain goodwill.


In recent days, people on Twitter have posted many articles about mindfulness. A large portion of the articles advise on how meditation may stimulate the brain to bring about improved ideas. Given all of the ugliness pronounced over the last several months, I’m advocating we establish a National Meditation Day. I’m not a practitioner but am willing to learn. Together we could begin a positive movement. Are you in?

Your Story

Are you one who has become disturbed by the political disarray being displayed? The more important questions are:

  1. What have you learned from all of this?
  2. Which actions will you be very careful to avoid?
  3. How may you improve your own effort?

Should you have employees, you could use the political scene as a case study to encourage teamwork and open discussion. Get everyone involved with providing insights to improve the atmosphere of the office. And if you are one who interviews job candidates, be on the look out for those who believe in diversity and collaboration. One sales manager always enjoyed saying, “The teamwork makes the dream work.”

Sales Tips:

  1. Build a reputable personal brand
  2. Admit errors
  3. Adhere to the truth
  4. Remain consistent across all ventures
  5. Hold good values in high esteem
  6. Surround yourself with those who hold similar principles and values
  7. Encourage open dialogue
  8. Welcome diversity
  9. Apply the same rules to everyone and everything
  10. Work toward the broadest vision possible to achieve greater success

Following these tips will lead you to the Smooth Sale!

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