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Why Build Partnerships With Your Team?


Why Build Partnerships With Your Team?

Part-ner-ship: noun. A strong relationship between two or more people, usually involving close cooperation, mutual expectations, and shared responsibilities.

Successful coaches focus on building solid, steady, long-term relationships with their team members. These relationships resemble partnerships because they ideally involve

  1. Close cooperation
  2. Mutual expectations
  3. Shared responsibilities.

In the best business partnerships, everyone, including the leaders, are following a higher leader—the organization’s Vision and Mission.

Strong partnerships give everyone a feeling of security and common purpose. As you build long-term partnerships with each team member, you create a reputation for making people a priority.

Strong partnerships will typically develop over an extended time and include periods of conflict, successful resolution and renewed commitment.

Collaborating with each other through good times and bad strengthens and deepens the partnership. Honesty and candor are crucial components in the long-term success of any relationship.

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