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Why Entrepreneurs Have the Most to Learn, Observe and Revamp


Why Entrepreneurs Have the Most to Learn, Observe and Revamp

We have all heard that to be in business, it is important to focus on what we most enjoy. But life sometimes gets in the way and problems arise from:

  • Lack of experience
  • Feeling of obligation
  • The better revenue stream is the least enjoyable

All three categories are usually tied in together. The people starting out in their career or entrepreneurship have the most to learn, observe, and revamp.

My Story

Through the years I heard similar advice.  But I experienced all of the above problems. The largest money making activity was found to be the least rewarding. And then there were peers who became friends that asked for many favors. It became detrimental to say “no” given were were involved in the same networks.

As years passed, experience was gained and recognized. The same old was no longer acceptable. The time came for me to focus on what I enjoyed the most. In the interim, less money was made, but I became far happier.

The change came in the form of associating with organizations that strive to make a difference in the world. Non-profits are just that, but the reward of helping others is enormous. The second piece is working with people who strive to help their communities or clientele.

Through all of this, a different energy must have been communicated. Because exciting projects began coming my way. It’s evident that the fog was cleared allowing me to enjoy my work more than ever before.

Your Story

In your quiet time consider whether certain aspects of your work are getting you down. 

  • In the best of all worlds, what would you eliminate?
  • In the best of all worlds, what would you add?
  • With these changes, how do you believe your outlook will change for the better?

Now is a great time to begin prioritizing what you really want to do and reworking the largest vision imaginable. Create your plan as if nothing will ever get in your way, that everything is possible.

Removing all of the obligation that we talk ourselves into will lift the fog in order to move forward.

As you begin with one or two ideas that bring a smile to your face, think about next steps, too. Think about the audience(s) that these will attract. Be certain these are the people with whom you will not only enjoy working with, but also spending time. Finally, create a plan to leverage these ideas to witness a more robust delivery.

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