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Why Few People Excel (and What to Do About It)


Why Few People Excel (and What to Do About It)

It’s a known fact that only a small percentage of salespeople do well. The reasons are many.  The problem applies to career, business and personal goals, too. 

Use game strategy to find the winning path!

My Story

My second sales job had me selling unfamiliar equipment.  Even worse, it was highly challenging to get in front of prospective clients. One sales trainer provided the best instruction.  She suggested we think of cold-calling as a television game show.  The game became known as, “What is Behind the Closed Door?”

The idea and the title of the show were brilliant.  Top sales producers are strategists, curious about everything, and goal driven. Game playing comes naturally. In tune with the idea, a few of us became driven to learn “the what and the who” resided behind each door in our territories. The drudge work of cold-calling actually became fun and exhilarating.

Sales are dependent upon driven salespeople. However, even the top producers need encouragement and coaching from managers. The stakes are very high for making numbers. Achieving this helps the salesperson to maintain personal pride, and enjoy the reward.  

Those who are involved with inside sales have an even tougher role to fulfill.  The endless calls cut short, or not answered at all, can easily become de-motivating.  The biggest differentiator for a successful team is when each member is provided respect along with proper coaching.  Individual input is to be encouraged and discussed among all members for improved ideas.  

Together, you may create an improved game that motivates everyone on the team. NewVoiceMedia wrote an excellent article regarding Inside Sales.

Your Story

The first step is to take a meter reading of your mental attitude. Are you simply in your business or career to earn money, or, are you actually enjoying the work? Take time to seriously consider why you are doing what you do, and then answer these questions:

  • Are you happy or is change in order?
  • Are you committed to making a change?
  • How can you best increase motivation?

Continued Learning

Continued education is a fact of life no matter which endeavor we choose. The major benefit is that it builds self-esteem. We are then motivated to set improved goals and milestones. Accomplishments become more frequent and self-confidence grows.


As this cycle develops, frustration and excuses for not performing well seem to fade away. Now you are on track for attracting increased interest from management, peers, and prospective clients. The icing on the cake is you are prepared to set a grander vision for your ultimate success.

All of the above positions you to be in the game to win!

Sales Tips:

  1. Implement game strategy in your endeavors.
  2. Move with the excitement to set new goals.
  3. Add complementary avenues to achieve goals more quickly.
  4. Keep an eye on which avenues are working best.
  5. Enhance the better working venues and eliminate the worst.
  6. Continue your education.
  7. Observe both the worst and the best that others implement.
  8. Learn from everyone on your team or from peers.
  9. Contribute to a winning team environment wherever you may.
  10. Celebrate with your team.

Following these guidelines will lead you to the Smooth Sale!  

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