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Why You Need to Be Committed to Prospecting


Why You Need to Be Committed to Prospecting

Prospecting – The facts

  • Prospecting is not easy, some salespeople like it, some don’t
  • A steady rate of prospects are the lifeblood of your territory, our team and the entire company
  • A prospecting plan helps us build a healthy pipeline, and allows us to consistently meet and exceed quota
  • The best salespeople are the ones who appreciate leads that come from marketing but recognize that nothing is more gratifying than the hard work of generating their own leads
  • The most qualified pipeline is always the one created by the salesperson
  • Managing and measuring the prospecting process is the key to building a rich territory
  • You need support to create prospecting strategies that engage clients
  • We must prioritize prospecting as consistent part of your established daily/weekly routine
  • Successful prospecting is definitely gratifying, can be exciting, can inspire and might even be fun

Prioritize Prospecting – Our Goals

  • Everyone will have a defined prospecting strategy
  • Everyone will know the tools available to research prospects, companies, brands
  • Everyone will know how to convert research into buyer priorities that we use to engage prospects
  • Everyone will be constantly reminded of the importance of prospecting and pipeline building
  • Everyone will have prospecting and pipeline building top-of-mind
  • Everyone will become an expert in building his/her own pipeline
  • Everyone at Hutzenflutz will know how important prospecting is to us and they will assist us
  • Prospecting will become part of the culture of our team and the rhythm of Hutzenflutz’s business
  • We will not “spam” our customers
  • Our customers will notice that we don’t just “prospect”, we inform, we educate, we engage…they will want to talk to us

Process and Measurement

We’ll establish a prospecting culture and rhythm with a team calendar, marking specific prospecting days

  • We’ll discuss prospecting at each weekly staff meeting (e.g., best practices, metrics, challenges and solutions)
  • We’ll set prospecting goals for the team overall and for each individual based (examples below)
    • 6 to 10 “touches” (e.g., email, voicemail) over 3-4 weeks
    • Meetings derived from prospecting (in person, on phone)
    • Pipeline growth (qualified opportunities) will be an outcome
      • 4x overall quota
      • 2x 50%+ weighted
    • We’ll build reports and dashboards to track progress and share our performance broadly
    • We’ll celebrate our success, highlight best practices so that the entire team can use them


Prospecting Strategy – grounded in what is most important to Buyers

  • Start with buyer priorities (be concise, personalized and speak to their priorities)
    • Build a list of buyers and their priorities for your market (short, concise list, marketing may help)
    • Tailor every email, voicemail and phone intro to those priorities (not just talking about Hutzenflutz)
  • Research is important to uncovering buyer priorities, especially social media research
    • Many tools are available (e.g., LinkedIn, personal and company/brand Twitter handles are surprisingly informative, other social media, speaking engagements)
    • Look for trends, real life stories, business challenges that highlight buyer priorities
    • Be curious about the company and the person while conducting research, it will increase your knowledge and confidence too
    • Research may vary by buyer/role, we can iterate as we learn
  • Engage in a Prospecting Conversation
    • Create a “conversation” based on the buyer priorities you’ve learned
    • Strive to be educational and provocative (value in every message)
    • All communication should focus on buyer priorities (e.g., email copy)
    • Use a simple signature…eliminate all “extras” (e.g., images, quotes), even your title
    • Personalize where you can and especially for top tier prospects
    • Minimize marketing “template” / mail merge use that looks canned
    • Highlight the business issue in the subject line
    • Open friendly, and establish the “so what”/why the customer should care right away
    • Identify the business priority then map it to a statistic or two that implies a pain or gain
    • End with a simply meeting request, using their name
    • Use the same basic formula for voicemail…20 seconds…don’t sell, focus on one buyer priority and use their name in your meeting request
  • NOTE: Let’s collaborate as a team on the above and develop some email templates that get us started.  We’ll iterate and adjust.

 Establish exactly who you are going to prospect

  • Territory account census (agencies, marketers)
  • Individual contacts
  • Identify all tools, all resources available to us
  • Beginning now with your current list, current contacts (warm and cold)
  • Expanding based on territory account census opportunities
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