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Your 2 Million Year Old Brain and Why You Don’t Succeed and Sell More


Just watched a killer YouTube episode of the #AskGaryVee show Episode 242 with his guest Tony Robbins. Near the end something amazing happened if you own a business or are a salesperson at 36:58. Fast forward to that section, but, the whole thing is worth your time as well.

Did you catch that part about your two million year old brain and fear?

That is some massive truth for those of you that want to be better in sales.

When I assess my career coaching salespeople and business owners one things is a constant when it comes to clients that achieve spectacular results: Their ability to overcome their own brains limitations when it comes to changing patterns and reactions.

Success in sales is about being able to do what you need to do while dealing with everything else in your life and career. You have all heard myself and others talk about the need for digital transformation in your sales process and viewpoint and yet…so many of you have done exactly NOTHING about it.

The reason is fear and its sidekick doubt and one of the massive sources of those performance killers is your very own brain. The first step to overcoming that reality is getting to a place where you can acknowledge that reality and then taking steps to change.

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Coaches like myself exist in that space with our clients. Crap, the truth is that coaches like me LIVE for those moments! At the base level our clients really are hiring us to help them defeat their less capable ‘false selves’ and become their full ‘potential selves’. That is the foundation of why high performers hire a coach.

Clients choose me because I get to emotion after numbers. I know other coaches that do emotion and then numbers. The only thing that matters is the client and what allows them to deal with the fear of change (performance improvement is change and it, even if it is exciting and motivating…also comes with the mind-killer fear).

Match your amazing, 2 million year old brain, up with a brand new focus on what YOU can become and kick fear dead in its rear end.

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