10 Things That Happen to Salespeople in the Summer

Summer is upon us, and unless you live in an area where it’s sunny year-round, you’re likely planning a vacation and trying to spend more time outside in-between making calls and sales presentations. Summer is most people’s favorite season, and rightly so. The days are long, everybody gets a little more color, and you don’t need to shovel snow or rake leaves every weekend.

For salespeople, summer can be a double-edged sword. There are upsides and downsides, a bit similar to working in sales in general.

So for the fourth of July weekend, we’ve come up with a fun list of things that only happen to salespeople in the summer. How many of these do you find relatable? 1. Everybody scrambles to put in a request for the best days off first 2. You get to see how strange everybody looks in shorts on casual Friday 3. Prospects promise to call you back “after vacation” 4. You hear “summer is slow” at least a hundred times a week 5. The water bubbler running out of jugs becomes an major catastropheRelated: 6 Ways to Use Human Psychology to Close More Deals 6. You do that thing in the bathroom where you splash cold water in your face and then look at yourself in the mirror 7. It’s swelteringly hot outside but colder than Antarctica inside the office 8. All of a sudden, coworkers seem to get “sick” on the same days as local concerts and games 9. That one salesperson talks about how much he prefers the winter, angering everybody else 10. Iced coffee!