3 Tips on Business Cards for Financial Advisors

While the world continues to go digital in so many ways, the business card endures as a premier print item that every business person and financial advisor simply must have on hand.Here are three tips to make sure you’re putting your best foot forward when placing your business card in the hand of a client, prospect or potential colleague.


When you set your business card next to all your other print materials, does it match up? In the financial services industry where advisors are managing millions on behalf of clients, it’s critical to make sure your first impression is positive while also completely cohesive with all your existing printed collateral.Don’t be tempted to cheapen your approach by using an online template or basic setup. Remember, this business card is a direct reflection on your firm and the quality of your services. Utilizing the talents of a good graphic designer is well worth the investment.


Keep your logo and branding front and center, but forgo any unnecessary information. For example, when’s the last time someone faxed something to your office? And if they did, was your business card the place they got that fax number? Probably not. So why clutter your card with those details?Stick to the most pertinent information, but be sure to include any industry certifications you’ve earned like CFP™. You worked hard to attain that status, and it validates your expertise.Related: Advisors: Help Clients Be Smarter Than Their New Smart Gadgets

Printing & Paper

A flimsy business card that wobbles in hand does you no favors. We’re dealing in wealth management, so a nice, thick card stock is called for. If you hold your limp card up to a lamp and see any light through it, you know it’s time for new cards.Fortunately, there are many online vendors like moo.com that deliver incredibly high paper and production values for exceptionally low prices. From various paper thicknesses to adding a branded color to the edge of your cards, their customization options are endless and at good prices.

Next Steps

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