4 Proven Ways to Be Different From Others

If you’re looking to be unmatched in the marketplace, follow these simple proven tactics…

1. BE RELEVANT and UNIQUE in the strategic game plan for your organization.

Dumb it down and answer the three fundamental questions to capture the essence of what you have to do to WIN. Create your ONLY statement around requirements that both matter to your target customers and which you and only you provide.

And, focus on execution recognizing that a plan that can’t be implemented is worthless.

2. BE HOLISTIC to create value in your marketing function.

Provide value-based packages for your chosen customer groups based on a customer learning competency your organization adopts.

Look at the total customer in terms of their broad attributes and requirements and not a thin slice of their product needs. Discover the secrets of your customers and use them as the driver of your marketing packages.

3. BE DAZZLING in how you serve your customers.

Treat creating memorable customer experiences as a critical priority. Vary how you treat your customers to enhance their loyalty.

Adopt the elements of a dazzling service experience plan:

- hire human being lovers
- empower frontliners to say yes
- kill dumb rules that make no sense to your customers
recover from your service blunders —  fix the problem and do the unexpected by leveraging the customer secrets you have discovered.

4. BE INTIMATE in your sales strategy building strong relationships with your customers.

Avoid product flogging that does nothing to generate loyalty and makes you the same as everyone else. Strong deep relationships encourage your customers to buy stuff over the long term; product flogging is short term thinking at best.

There you have it, the essential elements of establishing a winning strategy and healthy culture in your organization.

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