5 Smarter Ways Of Improving Your Productivity

Time is a crucial resource that God has given mankind, and as the saying that goes, ‘’time is money’’ it is essential to make maximum use of every second you get. How you use your time also reflects how productive you are in your tasks, either at school or at your workplace.You should work smarter and harder with your time for you to a productive person in your line of work. How can you improve your productivity at your workplace? This is a question asked by many people, and this article is going to describe five smarter ways of how you can increase your productivity.

1. Manage The Time You Send On Tasks

You should track the time you spend on conducting different tasks. Many people fail to manage their time properly, and they may find themselves straining and working extra hours, making them deliver poorly. For you to be effective and productive in whatever the task you are doing, you should track and limit your time as well, so as you do not work beyond your limit and do less than ideal work. You may use a tool such as Rescue Timeto help you calculate how much time you can spend on a daily basis work.

2. Ensure You Have Break time

The brain of a human being and his entire body was not made to work endlessly without taking breaks, by so doing, you will affect your body’s ability to work effectively hence reducing your productivity. For you to improve your productivity at work, you ought to take some breaks after working for some time. Maybe, you should have a break between the morning to noon sessions. Taking of breaks will help you refresh, thus maintaining a consistent record of excellent performance in your tasks. The breaks will also help you boost your concentration at work.

3. Always Set Manageable Deadlines

If you are handling open-ended tasks, you can set a self-imposed deadline and work within that time frame. This will help you to do the work to your level best and right on time. If you have no deadlines, you will be doing your work recklessly with no objectives, and you might find your tasks piling up, which will end you up in stress and depression. When you are watching the clock, you will find yourself more productive and focused in whatever you are doing, and you will be an excellent performer.Related: 5 Smart Tips to Boost the Operations of Your Business

4. Say No To Non-productive Meetings

Many workers and executives find themselves failing to achieve their goals and business objectives because of engaging in many meetings, some of which are non-productive. When attending a meeting, you should put in mind that it is time that is going. If it is a non-productive meeting, it will cost you a lot, as time will be gone of which you could have used it to partake some tasks and leverage your business. Improve your performance by restraining from non-productive meetings.

5. Be Proactive and Not Reactive

By being proactive in this context means, you should be self-driven and do not wait for someone to push you. Always set your own time which you can comfortably work within that time frame and adhere to it. Do not wait for phone calls from your supervisor to push you to do your work. Do not wait for threats because those will not make you do a good job, but rather your work will be shoddy. It’s also very important to make sure your networking systems are effective. Good network performancecan result in much higher productivity if your programs in place are efficient.


The five points described above are key if you put them into practice, and you will see how productive you will be in your workplace. Commit to achieving your goals and objectives by adhering to the five points described in this article, and you will be an excellent worker.