5 Startup Friendly States Worth Relocating To

The American entrepreneur spirit has been changing lately, which is now showing up in the world of startups. This particular way of starting a business has been gaining popularity in the last few years.

It is important to note that this world is still competitive, so figuring out how to get an edge is vital. One way to gain an edge over others is to relocate to states that are friendly to startups.

The following are some of the most friendly startup states to consider.

Check Out Ohio

One state that is truly making its mark when it comes to attracting up and coming startups is Ohio. The state is serious about using some of its capital to reinvest into the population, specifically students coming out of Columbus University. It should be pointed out that the cost of doing business is about two percent lower than the national average, not to mention the fact that Ohio's cost of living is relatively low.

Go to Missouri

Another state worth paying attention to is Missouri. This is another state attempting to attract people who are interested in startups. The state has a number of cloud-based companies ready to invest in other inventive individuals along with the state itself. Those who are interested in this state should pay attention to St. Louis itself. The cost of living in this state is more than reasonable, making profits a little better for any business. It should also be pointed out that the cost of doing business here is about eight percent lower than the national average.

Georgia May be It

Georgia is worth paying attention to for a number of reasons. The state has been working hard to bring itself up and become the go-to state for everything in the southern part of the United States. Most people know that it is attempting to make itself the Hollywood of the south, but it is also taking giant steps to help startups. Back in 2017, Atlanta hit a record number of $1.2 billion in investments towards these up and coming companies. There is no doubt that this is a state to watch, especially since the cost of doing business there is seven percent below the average.

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Find Success in Utah

This state may be known to most for its mountains or its large Mormon population, but the reality is that Utah is much more than that. There is a startup boom happening, and all you need to do is go to one of many Utah events showcasing the technology boom at Silicon Slopes. These tech companies have made it big with an educated labor force and business friendly politics. Salt Lake City is perhaps one of the most popular startup meccas though Sugar House is definitely giving that city a run for its money. At the moment, Utah is known as one of the best states for doing business, which is reflected in the creation of Silicon Slopes.

North Carolina, Really?

The next state that should be on people's radar is North Carolina. Yes, this is not necessarily the first state that comes to mind, but the reality is that the cost of doing business in this state is perhaps the lowest compared to the rest of the country. The most affordable city in this state for startups is Queen City though there are many other options for you. This is another state doing its best to invest in its people and startups, which is definitely attracting people who may help boost the state's economy.

Individuals hoping to initiate the process of setting up a startup should definitely pay attention to states and cities that are friendly to this type of business. There is no need to start a business in a place that is going to make it harder to make it big when there are so many states attempting to facilitate success.