5 Things That Will Keep Your Employees Happy

Running a business is hard work and not for the faint of heart. Your goal is to keep your clients and customers happy while also keeping your employees happy and healthy. Most people have had a job sometime in their life where the management was not good and all the employees could feel the negative impact.

Luckily if you are now running a business you have a major influence in how everything is done and you have some control over how happy your company’s employees are when they are at work.

Here are five things you can do to keep your employees happy:

Company Culture

How your company functions and how people treat others is super important to a great work culture. If the company culture goes south quickly, employees are going to quit and tell other people not to work at your company.

If your employees feel stressed out about coming to work everyday there is something wrong with the culture. People should feel safe when they are at work and should not have to worry about getting in trouble or being yelled at on a daily basis.


How your managers approach managing is going to play a big role in how everything runs. One bad manager can ruin the whole company and how productive everybody is at work. Being a good manager does not mean that you have to manage everything that your employees do throughout their day.

As a manager you are there to help them when they need help and teach them when there is something new to be learned. Depending on how big your company is you may have to delegate this responsibility to lower management as your company grows .

Time Off

You do not want yourself or any of your employees to suffer from burn out. This happens when employees are overworked and have been tired for too long. Eventually their bodies will fight back by getting sick. This usually means time off and only hurts your company and the work that gets done.

If you don’t allow your employees to take time off when they are sick there is a strong chance everyone in the workplace with end up getting sick. To prevent burn out from happening allow your employees to take vacations and have some form of paid time off throughout the whole entire year.

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Communication is a two way street that involves both the employee and the employers. If you find that your company has a lot of negative reviews from customers you may need to make some changes to how your company does business. If you find that your employees are quitting soon after they are hired or that you have negative reviews from past employees you will want to take that feedback seriously and make changes.

Recognize your employees by finding the best employee recognition programs new and old for your company. Of course not all recognition programs are not the same and some are more effective than others. Find which one is the best for your company and adjust it when needed.


There are plenty of jobs that are available and different companies have a lot to offer. You want your employees to feel comfortable while they are at work. Different companies do different things such as having a full gym for employees to use, a pool table and a kitchen with free snacks for every employee.

You do not have to do all of these things at once but you should be treating your employees to different perks on a regular basis. It could be something as simple as taking them out for dinner after finishing a huge project or meeting their goals.

What are some things that you do to keep your employees happy and show that you appreciate them? Make sure that your company is aware of its employees and that each employee understands how important they are to the company.