5 Ways to Get You Closer to the Sale

In sales, it’s all about building relationships so we can gain the trust of our prospects, help them with relevant value solutions, close business and make more money.In the end, it’s all about the bottom line. So, every activity that we engage in should result in bringing us closer to that goal .Whether it’s planning, researching or the way we engage with our prospects, every single interaction should lead us to the next step.

Now, ask yourself the question, does every step you take get you closer to the sale?

1. Time is Money

We hear that phrase all the time, but in sales it’s an essential thought to keep in mind. It’s really not about activity, it’s all about results. One of the reasons I love this profession is that it always provided me with a certain amount of freedom and flexibility. From my personal experience, it’s not about how many hours you work, it’s all about how much quality business you are closing.We Sales Professionals are only as valuable as our results, which can sometimes be a scary notion.So, before this year comes to an end let me provide you with some tips on how to maximize your time.

2. Planning is Everything

This part is where many sales people go off the rails. They start reaching out before they know their prospects’ universe. That’s when they start wasting time and not getting the results they are looking for.Speaking of universe - sales people should know who to target. I am not talking territory here, I am talking about developing a prospect base that will buy from you. Territories are usually assigned to us, but within those territories we can develop a system to at first identify the low hanging fruit.For example, if you are assigned Retail as a sector, you want to understand that industry and who within your prospect base would be a potential client. The goal is to identify parameters that will help you define those drivers. They could be revenue, or geography, but they could also touch on other areas.So, ask yourself this question: “What are the areas that define a good prospect for you?”

3. Research is KEY

Another area where sales people don’t spend enough time is doing their research. There is an abundance of information available through on-line resources, and don’t forget “old-fashioned” methods such as word of mouth, referrals, etc.It is crucially important to spend as much time on research as on the actual outreach. With people being inundated with information, coming from a place of expertise makes all the difference.When a sales person calls me and they don’t even know my business, have never visited my site and don’t really understand my challenges, I don’t engage with them. And that holds true whether it’s a phone or email outreach.I can tell just from glancing at an email if a sales person is reaching out to me personally, or if they are simply working off a list.

4. People Buy from People

There is value in content marketing and automated solutions, as long as they are relevant to your target group. In the end, PEOPLE buy from PEOPLE. In order to effectively engage with prospects, you need to build rapport and trust. Put yourself in your prospect’s shoes, be personal, find out something interesting about your prospects, engage in a way that mirrors their behavior, make them comfortable with you and, most importantly, be relevant. The danger with automation is that it is just that. Automated. One way to be different in this ever-changing business world is go to back to the basics and engage people in a meaningful way.

5. Sales is a Process

If you have had any interaction with me, or you read my blogs I have said it many times before and I will say it again. Sales is a PROCESS.Every sales person needs to have a system in place that works for them. Utilizing their CRM, managing their time and developing unique messaging that will resonate with their audiences.Most sales people don’t really know how to communicate what the unique value their product/service brings to a prospect. They just rattle off a pitch, talking about the features and benefits rather than making sure that they have developed a value statement for their audiences.In a nutshell, when you know who your audiences are, what your unique message is and how to mindfully and effectively engage your prospects, you will succeed.Sales is a Process, it's also hard work but if you do your homework and you follow a process, it will be fun and rewarding. Make sure that every single step you are planning will lead to getting you closer to the sale.Related: It’s Time Boomers Adapt to Millennial Generation