5 Different Ways To Promote Your Startup

Starting a new business venture can be quite exciting. The chance to start anew with a fresh team of employees and a new vision with a lineup of products and services makes waking up to go to work impelling. Here are a few ideas on how to attract customers to your startup.


Every organization is identified by a unique brand that speaks about its mission and objectives to the public. Hence, a company needs to project a positive image that sells. An impressive and compelling company logo speaks volumes. A business may wish to invest in the creation of a company emblem by seeking the service of a professional artist or by exploring other more affordable options. If there are talented employees in the organization, they can unleash their creativity with a Free Logo Maker.Even though a picture speaks a thousand words, a captivating slogan will capture the heart as well. A matching catchphrase with a company logo makes a perfect combination for potential success. Mesmerizing slogans from successful organizations remain unforgettable with the populace even today.


After embarking on branding, an organization can commission printers to mass produce promotional materials with the company imprint. Stationary, apparel, mugs and computer accessories are popular promotional items for free distribution to customers and employees. Besides promoting the company logo on windows and doors at the employment site, a startup can also attract potential customers via decals on company vehicles.A startup may also run contests as part of its promotion through several major channels including print publications, social media, and television. Giveaways of sample products are always a good idea whether they come as prizes or freebies. If a startup specializes in services instead of products, offering limited pro-bono assistance as part of a network may attract potential clients.Partnering with successful YouTubers and other social media bloggers by offering them samples in exchange for honest reviews is another opportunity for self-promotion. Many new products have been introduced this way through the creative talent on social media.

Trade Shows, Exhibitions and Conferences

A new startup business can gain much exposure through participation in trade showsand exhibitions. Setting up a booth to display and demonstrate company merchandise while offering giveaways is a fun business activity. Sending representatives to speak and participate in relevant conferences is a worthwhile investment. Besides the networking opportunities, a startup may also scout out potential competitors to the business. Attendance in any of these events is usually amazing with the possibility to acquire new clients and business partnerships. Offering product demonstrations along with discounted pricing at wholesale clubs, department stores and other related avenues is another excellent way to attract potential customers.


A startup that invests in volunteering opportunities at the local charities will earn itself a good name besides promoting its business. Giving back to the community despite being a new kid on the block should not be a deterrent. This may instead earn trust from the local residents and neighborhoods who will more likely patronize an upstanding organization.Partnering with the local schools and libraries by sponsoring some of their events is another way to market a startup. Public schools and libraries especially are always looking for community funding and startups taking an interest in them will create a win-win situation. Getting involved with the community shows that a startup is not simply interested in profiting.


Lastly, a startup with a considerable budget can pursue advertising on print and social media in addition to television and radio to gain more exposure. Billboard displays in densely populated and targeted communities is a highly attractive option.Getting a name out today in a competitive industry is challenging and risky but with a well-defined marketing strategy coupled with prayer, a startup will benefit from experience throughout the entire process. All beginnings are hard and success is not necessarily defined by the outcome. The struggles and lessons learned during the journey from conception to fruition of an idea are sometimes priceless.Related: 6 Ways Of Protecting Your Advisory