6 Techniques to Close Deals Faster

You should always remember that you are in business to make money, and the best way to do that is to close more deals. The more you sell, the more money you make . However, that is easier said than done. Your customers can be very unpredictable , and it is up to you to try and influence their decisions. Even those with negotiations training can tell you that it takes some time to find a common ground between two people.

Therefore, your team has to be patient when implementing the following deal closing strategies:

1. You have to Know the Decision Maker

Usually, a busy shopper or deal-maker sends a representative to see your firm and what you have to offer before they make up their minds on whether to buy from you. Interestingly, most representatives don't say that they are looking for a product for someone else. Hence, you are left second guessing whether or not that is the decision maker. In any case, whenever someone comes to make an inquiry, put yourself in the decision maker's shoes so that you know what they want and close the deal within the shortest time possible.

2. Be Authentic

As much as you got into business to make profits, you also wanted to solve a problem for the client. Therefore, when you meet with the client to discuss the sale, focus on the client's needs instead of thinking about what you are going to make. You should always remember that customers can sense when you aren't being genuine with them. Thus, always be authentic when dealing with people. That way, they are more likely to trust you, and you are more likely to convince them to buy from you.

3. Urgency

Another way that you can close deals faster is by creating a sense of urgency in your product. Let them know why they need the product now without being too overbearing. You can do this by observing the market and your customers. Try to understand why they buy your product, and the sense of need that it creates for them. Show them how buying the product can completely change their lives for the better.

4. Get Rid of Any Fears and Contradictions

The thing that prevents most deals from getting closed is objections. You should be able to predict what they customer may ask and how it may contradict what you say. Buyers are very alert to how you respond to their objections. If you can't give a satisfactory answer, they look for another seller. Always have clear responses to deal with certain objection. You can practice with your sales team by predicting all possible objections and then coming up with appropriate responses.

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5. Never Forget to Mention what Makes you Unique

You are not the only one trying to sell a particular product to a customer. There are other companies in your industry trying to also close deals. The customer also knows that they have options, and they can use that against you. When such a question is raised, tell the buyer about your unique qualities. Even if they don't ask it, most buyers are thinking it. Therefore, to get rid of any uncertainties that the buyer may have, you can always tell them that your methods of production use the latest technology unlike your competitors. That way, you can close the deal faster because the customers won't want to miss out on a one-of-a-kind deal.

6. Don't be too Quick to Speak

Sometimes you might be over excited that the customer is going to make a purchase only to be turned down the last minute because you said something inappropriate. If you want to use humor to lighten up the conversation, be careful of the words you speak. Make sure that it doesn't touch on any contentious or sensitive topics.

If you want to close deals better, you can use the above strategies. As you do all these, remember to always put the needs of the customer first .