6 Ways to Lend a Virtual Helping Hand

Below are three practices you can use to center yourself, and three questions you can ask your colleagues, clients, family, and/or friends to be of service to them. All six are based on two things: 1) we need to prioritize and practice finding peace amidst all the background radiation of ambiguity, chaos, and fear, and 2) we can take that peace and use it to focus on helping others now more than ever; after all, it's food for the soul to lend a helping hand.

3 Awesome Practices to Ready Yourself to Help Others

1. Take a bit of daily time to sit quietly and clear your mind of thoughts and worries, and simply be present with a quiet mind. This is to recharge your peace level and enable you to be more present for those around you.

2. Find one thing a day that you can identify as a source of gratitude. Be thankful for something each day, and remind yourself of that gratitude item throughout the day.

3. Set your brain to look for funny or humorous little things--and even turn them into playful moments--with family, friends, clients, and colleagues now. Laughter feeds the soul and powers up a positive mindset.

Now here are 3 Awesome Questions You Should Ask Others

Consider asking each person with whom you interact, somewhere in the course of your conversation:

1. What is your biggest challenge right now?

2. What do you need to overcome that challenge?

3. Is there any way I can help you with that?

Then, see what you can do to help!

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