The 9 Qualities of an Ideal Client

Let’s get right to the point. As a business owner, we all want great, long-term clients. This is where the adage “you get what you envision “comes into play.Are you envisioning your ideal or best clients walking into your office or contacting you online? When you count your ideal clients, you don’t see enough (10-20%), it’s time to create your own ideal client attribute list?

I’m often asked “what makes a client ideal”? Here’s a list of the basic attributes:

1. They value your services 2. There is no price haggling 3. You feel their trust (and trust grows) 4. They enjoy working with you and learning from you 5. You enjoy working with them and learning from them 6. They gladly provide you with whatever paperwork you need 7. They keep their appointments (or reschedule the minute they know there’s a problem) 8. They can easily be found in numbers/groups 9. They automatically refer others like themselves to youThe list is seems simple enough. Right? Yet most advisors and service business owners don’t have ideal clients who “fit the bill”.Related: Finding Your Niche in Two Steps