9 Simple Ways to Express Gratitude to Your Team

What do you believe is the single biggest motivator of people in business?

  • Money?
  • Trips?
  • Cars?
  • Raises?
  • Promotions?
  • While these can be helpful, the fact is the single most meaningful form of motivationis being acknowledged and feeling appreciated for our work.While feeling appreciated is also a basic human need, surveys show the workforce is typically the last place we encounter even a simple “thank you.”Most of us spend more time at work with co-workers than our own family and good friends and yet, work colleagues are typically the last people we tend to recognize.Interestingly, in high-context cultures such as China and Japan, the word “thank you” (shi shi) is never said enough. Not surprisingly, when people are acknowledged for their good work and thanked for contributions they are found to be 50% more effective the world over!Simply saying “thank you” triggers the happy hormone dopamine which stimulates the brain and tells the brain you are happy, motivating you to do more and experience greater happiness; while at the same time, making others more likely to help again in the future as you are quietly ingratiating yourself to them.For example, when we thank someone for their time now, they are more likely to be generous with their time later. Further, being generous with our time makes us feel like we actually have more time.When we give of ourselves, give our time and do for others, this makes us feel pretty great, as well. People who give their ‘time’ feel more useful, capable, confident and effective which enhances their own productivity.Related: How Business Attire Builds … or Breaks Your Brand

    Here are 9 Ways to Express Thoughtfulness to Your Team:

  • Offer your help.
  • Extend a compliment.
  • Offer unexpected praise.
  • Give someone a smile.
  • Give a gift of appreciation for no particular reason at all.
  • Acknowledge others privately.
  • Publicly recognize others who helped you get to a pivotal moment.
  • Thank those behind the scenes and show them their work is seen.
  • Write a thank you note.
  • Personal relationships are intrinsic to business, community and family bonds. The individuals we encounter every day are not there by chance. These people are there to help us weather our storms, sharpen and shape us. I can tell you that my greatest growth has come from challenging times and those people who have linked arms with me and held me accountable. We are better together and meant to work together, respect each other and treat each other with appreciation, dignity, caring and kindness.