Advisors: How to Get Your Clients and Prospects to Say Yes to You

In this episode, I have a very important question for you. Are we as an industry losing the capability to have conversations with clients and prospects? What I mean by that is with all these wonderful tools are we becoming an industry where it’s data in, crunch it out, and put it up on a nice screen in a conference room. I find this as a big concern. What I find is there is nothing more frustrating for people then when you’re in front of somebody and they have a need, they want the help, you want to help them, but you just can’t get the job done because you can’t overcome the elephant in the room, which is fear change. What we need to remember as an industry is fear – False Evidence Appearing Real. Another pie chart, another look through their risk score or another look at logic through their issue will not get that person to say yes. I’m afraid as I watch the industry evolve we’re using the software as a crutch to not ask them real questions. Imagine how powerful you would be if you not only had these tools, but you had a track, mindset, and strategies to reach any human being.The reason I’m talking about this is we’re about to deploy in the next 6 – 12 months Sales and Influence Mastery for Advisors talking about these very issues on how things get done.The one thing to never forget when you’re sitting with a prospect or client that you need to make new recommendations for is there are two sides. There’s going to be you the advisor and the prospect. Are you persuading the client or prospect on why they must change or is the prospect or clients persuading you on why they can’t right now make those changes?Related: Why Advisors Don’t Ask for Referrals Related: Getting to a Better Level … No Matter What Situation You’re In Who’s buying? The more congruent party wins that battle. You are not going to get your congruency from a pie chart or score. This comes from you internally where you know in your heart of hearts that you know you have this person’s best interests and you commit to doing what it takes to get the yes.How do we get there? First, a lot of you are not prepped mentally because you are trying to just get your head in the game at that moment. In order to influence others at the highest levels, you need to influence yourself first.What do I mean by that? I mean why are you here? What is your mission? Are you there for yourself or are you there for others? What is your approach? If you’re making this all about you and your goals you’ll sabotage it. Step one are you here for the right reasons? Because if you’re not here for the right reasons to help them then that will tell in the communication and interaction.The easiest thing to do is to agree with them about waiting to make the move when it’s the right time. You punt instead of going for it because it’s safe and also easy. It’s the path of least resistance. What I’m asking you to do is to prepare for each meeting, which requires a massive amount of mental, physical, and emotional energy. If you’re burnt out you’ll go throught the motions in the meeting.You rationalize it in your head over time and say to the client that we’ll do it next time. Do that for a year, five years, or ten years and there are a ton of missed opportunities. What I’m talking about today you have total control over. Nobody determines your mindset, your control, or how you approach a meeting other than you. If you know what to do and you don’t do it then that’s just laziness.Number one you need to influence yourself. The second thing you need is to build a massive amount of rapport. Physical, emotional, language, and communication rapport.We all talk about gaining trust in our industry, but how do you get there? That comes from building rapport. Let me put this in layman’s terms.Have you ever just met somebody and you know that you just instantly liked them. There’s something special about that person for some reason. Then there are other people you meet where it’s just not there and that is all about rapport. You can learn how to get rapport with any human being and it is necessary in this industry. I want to build rapport, so I can have a communication and trust bridge otherwise you’re just talking to people.The easiest thing to do is present and the hardest thing to do is inetrview, but that is the most important. The third thing we need to do is to understand the person. You need to know how they decide, how do they like their information, are they internal or external, what are their needs around their investments and relationships, and what do they want. What you’re really selling here is an outcome and relationship. On a lot of levels, it is intangible. You also need to identify not only their needs and wants but their wounds. What are their fears? Once we have all this information then we need to present it in their style.I want you to think about all your recommendations and linking them to a need, a want, or a wound. When you have a situation and you can’t get them over the hump you’re missing something in the process and no this isn’t about closing.Here’s what I want you to do right now. Be conscious right now. When you go into a meeting take 3 – 5 minutes before the meeting happens. Don’t rush into the meeting, keep them waiting and be the best you can be for that meeting. Clear your mind, visualize how this is going to happen, and make sure you’re congruent. I want you to be in a powerful empowered state. You’ll win because you are prepared to win. This is where you’ll win that battle of congruency because you’re prepared to win. How many times in your career have you walked out of a meeting with a client or prospect but knew you blew it because you left stuff on the table.Based on the value of a client, longevity it’s a very expensive learning curve. I want to inspire you and challenge you to be a better version of yourself and to really prepare for the meetings. You can’t just show up and expect greatness. Check out let me help you for a couple weeks, nothing is required, no credit card, nothing. I just want to help and see if this makes sense for you.