Advisors Provide Clients Financial Freedom!

Don’t forget: you provide your clients with freedom.

It’s Independence Day week. It’s a great opportunity for us as advisors to remember the freedom — the financial freedom — that we provide for our clients.Now, just like freedom for our nation took hard-fought battles hundreds of years back, so to financial freedom for our clients sometimes can feel like hard-fought battles as we get them to buy into a plan. Yet, like we’re experiencing the fruits of others’ battles fought hundreds of years back, so to clients are going to experience the fruits of your investing your time in them, knowing that you’re helping them reach financial freedom down the track.Just like we’re the beneficiaries of history and we have the freedom to dream and pursue fantastic objectives and goals, you, too, help your clients have those opportunities from a financial perspective. They can now have peace-of-mind when they consider funding children’s education. They can now sleep easy when they think about what retirement might look like.They can now also be proud of the fact that after they’re gone, they may be in a financial position to leave a phenomenal financial legacy for the next generation or two to experience. They can take pride in that and so can you as an advisor because you helped them get to that point. So, have a fantastic Independence Day! Take stock of the freedom that you provide for your clients. Get a day of rest, and enjoy the holiday.I look forward to bringing you another Distraction-Proof Advisor Idea next week.