An Answer In Search of a Question

One of the more interesting experiences I have had in my role as a coach/mentor is when I meet people who, when they learn what I do, want to challenge my knowledge to justify their position. Or in other words, engineer (try to take it over) the conversation to allow them to demonstrate to me just how smart they really are. You know, they have the answer to the question and are looking for a way to share it.

Of course, they don’t realize that I really don’t care how smart they may “think” they are.

It starts when they ask a question about what to do in a given situation or want my opinion on a subject of their choosing. When (in the past) I would answer the question or offer an opinion, they immediately tell me that I’m wrong or attempt to shoot holes in my opinion. My standard response usually involves acknowledging that they have an interesting perspective and walk away.Related: 5 Traits of Every Successful PersonAll of us have many issues competing for our time and mental resources. This type of individual should not be given any of your time or thought. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself constantly having discussions with them in which only you will be making sense. However, your time will not be going towards the key issues that only you can resolve that will have an impact on your success and the growth of your business.Walk away. Better yet, don’t take the bait.