Are You Finally Ready To Try A New Strategy?

The virus outbreak prompts today’s question, are you finally ready to try a new strategy? Many people witnessed exciting new projects in the process of defeat before realizing the opportunity to begin. Some threw up their hands to say, ‘I quit.’ Others are trying to make sense of the markets. It is a small percentage that finds themselves finally ready to try a new strategy.

Although depressing, it is more important than ever to follow the news and the markets. The varying opinions on what is and will be happening makes it all the more important to look into a variety of thoughts. The most challenging aspect is to try to keep a handle on emotions as we attempt to grasp the credible facts.

A friend and I connected today, realizing we have been readjusting for quite some time. Charlene and I were in a place of being finally ready to try a new strategy. We were going to partner in her new travel business. I would become a paid travel blogger. For me, it was a long-held dream over decades with both blogging and travel experiences in my repertoire. And Charlene has a wealth of knowledge and the right contacts in the travel industry. Together, in this space, we are a dynamic duo.

Seek the ‘Gift’ In The Lost Opportunity

It was initially to my disappointment that Charlene stopped in her tracks. The project never got off the ground. Today we are both laughing at what I refer to as a gift in disguise. Charlene would have lost a bundle of money and been indebted to many people. And if I had been traveling, I could have been stuck for the long-term overseas.

Being Fearless While Focusing On Goals

My style is to always be ready for a new strategy or several to continue the momentum. And Charlene is embracing new strategies for both personal and business matters.

Through the years, I was taught that as unemployment hits a high, the stock market will crash. It was surprising to see the market seemingly remaining stable, and the value of gold decrease a tiny bit. Pundits were rushing to offer explanations and make predictions. I’ve also been reading conflicting reports on the viability of bitcoin and other currencies.

Because fortune telling isn’t in the cards for me, I do my best to remain up to date on the everyday news and the effect it has on the economy. Accordingly, I analyze how all of it is affecting my clientele and what they may now need. Doing all of this prepares me for being finally ready to try a new strategy.

On the business social side, I’m noticing an increase in activity on the LinkedIn platform. A few years ago, my attempts to communicate with new contacts were ignored. But now, it appears more people are also finally ready for a new strategy. As I point out the potential areas of commonality in my unique message to each, most will now respond. And accordingly, projects are picking up.

When we accept the unexpected and do our best to work with it, there is usually a reason to applaud the extra effort.  We have it in each of us to teach fear to leave us alone!

Are You Finally Ready To Try A New Strategy?

There are lots of questions to answer surrounding today’s story.  For example:

  1. How are you coping with the news, social distancing, and business?
  2. Have you faced disappointment in that new ideas came at the wrong time?
  3. Are you finally ready to try a new strategy?

Some people are implementing more videos in their marketing programs. Others are researching podcasts, blogs, and varying social platforms. Perhaps you always wanted to write a book, now may be the time. However, when it comes to launching a book, most people overlook the need to build their followings ahead of time. There is always something new to learn and add to the repertoire for a more robust approach.

Returning to the traditional sales advice, entrepreneurs and salespeople alike, do best by speaking to the needs, wants, and deep down desires of their clientele. Now that we are in the stay-at-home mode, a greater variety of training is in demand by those working. Not only can sales training help, but so can a variety of topics that will propel business further. Some subject matters that relate to sales are motivation, positive thinking, leadership, communication skills, usage of social media, and the list continues. Consider whether you can assist with any of the subject matter for an additional revenue stream.

Should you be uncertain as to the better approach, consult with peers, and consider hosting a focus group. The input can be invaluable for improving the delivery of services. Similarly, give thought to where you are today and what will inspire you most as you continue to work from home. Once you find your motivation for assisting clients, you will finally be ready to embrace a new strategy!

Sales Tips: Are You Finally Ready To Try A New Strategy?

  1. Review what works well vs. any effort that is not paying off
  2. Ask prospects and clients what they believe will be helpful for their businesses
  3. Consider if you can adjust what you have to the new needs of clientele
  4. Add in extra value to the new projects under development
  5. Create a focus group via a video meeting to uncover extras to add to the new
  6. Ask peers to test your revised strategy
  7. As new ideas develop, ask clients whether they are of potential interest
  8. Tailor services to the liking of your clientele
  9. Incorporate the new service in your marketing and branding
  10. Celebrate Success!

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