Become an Influencer by Modeling What You Preach

The way for you to become an influencer and well-known is to model what you preach. In business terms, we are first to become familiar with our personal brand. Next, we are to align our branding effort reflecting who we are .Claims by businesses of doing their best by their clientele, has us sometimes asking, do you model what you preach? Occasionally poor judgment plays into the outcome, and at other times, a lack of ethics is evident.One Tweet and one recent experience both demonstrate others not living up to what they preach. Many more similar stories come to mind.

Be at peace with your why do I do what I do?Companies and entrepreneurs go to great lengths to market and brand their businesses. The goal is to turn heads and have clientele talk about us in the best possible light. It’s up to those in an executive capacity to model the highest level of ethics and business practices.The demonstration of leadership with integrity is to encourage employees doing the same for their clientele. Any breach will have a business in decline. Instead of hounding representatives to meet their quota, ask how you can help.It’s imperative to model what you preach.

Story #1

A trip to the Emergency Room with a friend found me on high alert. The silent alarm blared as a lunch menu was provided in the Cardio Care space. Most of us know that if arteries and a heart condition are in jeopardy, we are to avoid high-fat foods.It was astonishing to see the majority of entrees on the menu qualifying for high fat. Why would these dishes be offered to cardiac patients, particularly in the Emergency Room? The offering makes zero sense, and I quickly intervened to get a healthier lunch for my friend.

Story #2

On a similar level, the tweet in question is about Pharmaceutical Reps who reward their clientele with reward cards. Only the gift cards are unrepresentative of a healthy choice. Instead, the client gets to purchase donuts free of charge.We all know that the fried dough, the white flour, and the sugar are unhealthy. On occasion, we may treat ourselves to one donut. But a gift card for multiple donuts from pharmaceutical representatives almost represents a lack of ethics. One might wonder if the pharmaceutical reps are seeking ways to make more sales via a gift of a heart attack.

Doing Better

As a sales representative or an entrepreneur, we are to ask ourselves:
  • Are we more concerned with meeting a quota or delivering value?
  • Are we doing right by our clientele?
  • What can I change to improve my branding effort?
  • The entrepreneurial branding effort has many faces. When opportunities to provide content or an interview, we are to be set time aside for us to build larger audiences. Last, we are to strategize where our time is best spent, and if offers coming forward make good financial sense.It was an honor to be a guest of Badger Maps, Steven Benson, on the Outside Sales Talk podcast. Our topic is, ‘Powerful Personal Branding That Boosts Sales.”Modeling what I preach per building my brand, I contribute articles to multiple companies. You can find my piece in this month’s issue of Entrepreneur Platform Magazine, ‘How to Combat The Ferris Wheel Syndrome, pages 12-13.

    Do You Model What You Preach?

    It’s a continual marathon monitoring your goals and remaining on track for achievement. But there are some soul searching questions to answer:
  • Are you succeeding in a way that makes you proud?
  • Can you honestly say that you model what you preach?
  • Do you have any doubt about a current action not entirely meeting your standards?
  • Unfortunately, an occasional request from clients and employers may have you feeling uneasy. Examine the situation from all angles to see if an adjustment is feasible.Two other questions to consider are:
  • What if…
  • Why not…
  • In your quiet time, debate the issue with yourself from all angles. Once you decide what to do, the next decision is whether to share with a peer or confidently move forward.

    Sales Tips: Model What You Preach

  • Pay attention when an instruction stops you in your tracks
  • Examine the nuances of the command from every angle
  • Decide if an adjustment will have you agree to the request
  • Determine if your subconscious wants you to walk away
  • Explain your position on the point of conflict
  • Attempt to gain agreement on a better way to proceed
  • Frequently review whether all activities align with what you relay to clientele
  • Be on high alert regarding all communications
  • Do your best always to model what you preach
  • Celebrate success
  • Today’s Blog is provided to help you achieve the Smooth Sale! Related: Are You Building A Unique Brand?