Why Being Convicted is Great for Your Advisory

Today I want to talk to you about one word – certainty!

Why is this word so important? If you think about it from an emotional standpoint, most human beings seek certainty. As an advisor, you have to be certain you deserve the businessand will do a great job for somebody. You have to be certain you deserve success. On that same level think about what your clients want. Don’t they want that same thing? A level of certainty. A lot of people ask me what is the primary deliverable for a financial advisor. We always talk about certain terminologies, like having a plan, or certain asset allocation, risk management, relationships, or cash flow. Those are all accurate, but when you think about the emotion that you have to provide to a client it’s always certainty.If you go back to 2008 or 2009, where there was a lot of uncertainty. Many clients questions were based on what should we do or how are you interpreting this? Those we’re all certainty questions. If you as the advisor are uncertain thinking you don’t deserve to be successful or you’re not sure on your value proposition that means you are incongruent. When you’re incongruent you lack the power to influence another person. You have to be convicted of your own proposition.When people ask me how to become a better influencer they always think it’s technique. In order to influence other people you must influence yourself first. In order to influence yourself first you must be convicted that you deserve success, that you deserve clients, and that you are serving at the highest level.Once you have those things you can be sure you’re influencing others. How much time do you spend convicting yourself of what you need to do and your reasons to be successful? How much time do you spend influencing yourself? If you’re not 120% locked in on what your client needs to do your voice qualities and body language will betray you. No amount of scripting or training will fix that because it comes from within. Why should they hire you over any other advisor?If you’re thinking I don’t know why they should hire you, then you are screwed because you are not convicted you can do a good job for them.To fix this you need to work on yourself. You need to spend time each morning going over the 8 step protocol or the Magellan 8 so you can get convicted and influence others. How many times do you go into a situation and just show up with no purpose? Those are the results you’re going to get with prospects.Luckily in this industry people have needs. If somebody really has a need and they’re self-driven you will get a client and get that ‘yes’. However, those are rare. Some of you your careers have subsided on this.Here is what you need to think about…is how sure are you that you deserve to be successful? How sure are you, you need them as a client? Because if you’re not convicted internally it will not go well for you.Let’s talk about the possibility. Image a situation you’re totally convicted. Imagine you spend every morning for half an hour totally focused on you and getting in your headspace. Imagine everyday you get up and you know you deserve to be successful. You are convicted! Imagine everyday going into meetings with clients or prospects absolutely locked in on what you’re doing. That is the game.Let’s get honest, taking an action without the right mindset is like going to the gym for a few minutes on the treadmill and picking up the dumbells a couple of times, but you’re just going through the motions because you get to say you went to the gym today. If you do not know why you’re here and your head is not in the game it will not matter. The challenge and solutions are right in front of you. The difference is you can’t just buy your way out of it you have to change. If you want to play this game at a high level you must change. You can not sit there and say to yourself I want to double my business or income – let’s instead talk about take home. In order to double your income, you must change! Change your psychology, habits, behaviors, approach, standards, associations, and energy level. If you go into this game thinking is all I need to do is ‘X’, you’re wrong. You must tell me who you need to become. Until you can answer that question with certainty you will struggle to elevate your game. If you have not done so, visit MagellanNetwork.net and come see how I work with you for free for 30 days. Related: All Advisors Must Master The Art of Influence