There Is No Greater Investment Than Being Curious About Yourself

I find I am ever curious about how my mind works.

Not long ago, I saw a tweet that read, “Why you should NEVER buy garlic in a jar.” I kept scrolling. I didn’t want to read it. You see, I admittedly, buy garlic in a jar. As a business owner and mother, I look for every shortcut I can and jarred garlic helps. I didn’t want to know what might be lurking in my jarred garlic. How I may have risked the health and well-being of my loved ones through my use of garlic. With full awareness, I scrolled right by that post and didn’t look back.Please don’t comment about why I should reconsider my jarred-garlic-habits. I don’t want to know. If you, unlike me, want to know about the sins of jarred garlic, Google it.I’m fascinated by how aware I was about not wanting to know this possible garlic-truth. I probably do this all the time, without realizing it. I suspect we all do. We continually make selective decisions, consciously and unconsciously, about what we choose we want to know. Even if we recognize possible truth, we often prefer not to see.

How can you stay curious about yourself and the choices you make?

While I’ve become more curious about the way I think, I’m still not curious to know what’s in that jar of garlic. Isn’t that curious?Related: The Magic Lies in Committing to Your Message, and YourselfRelated: Great Innovators Master Sitting in the Unknown