Do You Try or Do You TRY?

The title as written is not a typo! It is meant to demonstrate that the word “try” can have two very different meanings and outcomes depending on how it is defined in your mind.For example, on the “plus” side of the word try, is the recognition that to succeed at anything, one must take action towards a goal or outcome. Before we take the action, we go through a mental process evaluating what needs to be done and any risks associated with what we are planning to do. If it all makes sense, we start the process by “trying.” And this requires that we have a healthy mindset set evidenced by our courage and commitment to act. Also factored into this equation is our willingness to make a mistake and learn from it .

The other side of the word “try,” like Star Wars, has a “dark side.” Here, “try”…

  • Is the word you use when you are not committed or “all in” to the task at hand.
  • Is the word you use when you have no risk tolerance.
  • Is the word you use when you are afraid to fail or make a mistake.
  • Is the word you use to get others to stop pushing you to act, i.e., “OK already, I’ll try!”
  • Is the word you use when you lack confidence in yourself to be successful, so it offers you a dose of temporary courage.
  • Is the word you use that supports a mindset which tells (allows) you to think that it is okay to give up or quit. In other words, it serves as a dangerous safety net offering you a way out until the next time you quit or give up.
  • If anything that I have written here resonates with you then it’s time for you to look at all of the things that you want to “try.” Eliminate what is not important and view what remains as what you must do!Related: Are You 100% “All In” Every Day?