Doubt Kills More Dreams Than Failure Ever Will

When investing in prospecting, remember, past results do not guarantee future returns.

Last week I enjoyed a great conversation with a coaching client who is bringing in so much business now. When I asked him to think back to about six months ago and what’s changed, he very humbly said, “Well, I guess I’m enjoying things a little more.” I kept pressing, and he said, “Actually, I’m expecting to close from the very first meeting.”He’s walking into these meetings for the first time with a prospect, he’s confident in what he’s delivering, he knows he can help, knows how he can help, and he’s expecting to bring them on board, out of the gate. It’s great that he’s doing that and seeing the results.It was the same thing when I was swimming: when I raced, I expected to win. That was what I trained to do, so that was where my expectations started.Often times there are two aspects that can inhibit people from getting to this point. One is disappointment: they oftentimes remember the last time they missed — the last time the opportunity just didn’t happen — and they’re disappointed from that. Secondly is fear. That disappointment can then drive fear, and these little voices start playing inside our minds that say, “Hey, what if you miss? Remember last time you did that and it didn’t work out.” Often times we can let these emotions dominate our process.Suzy Kassem has a great quote. She says, “Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.”What that means is people give up before they even get to the start line. I want to encourage you with prospecting not to do that.
  • Be ready and prepared for what you’re going to say to that person. Be comfortable and confident with what you’re going to deliver.
  • Understand you’re not going to have everybody you talk with come on board with you, and that’s OK. You’re looking for your set number of A clients.
  • When you do miss, learn from it. Don’t reflect on it to the point of getting disappointed or discouraged. Take out of it what you can learn, and then go on to the next opportunity. Learning from those things will make you stronger for the next time out, where you can sit down, talk with that prospect, and have them come on board as your next A client.
  • I look forward to bringing you another Distraction-Proof Advisor Idea next week.