Drive Business Growth Using These 5 Strategies

A great habit to incorporate into your business plan is to “mastermind” with your peers whether on a continuing or on an as-needed basis. As long as you have a good relationship with one another, you may then offer feedback as appropriate, and more importantly, without offending. Being in receipt of excellent ideas should always be welcome.

The following sales strategies apply both to those seeking new jobs as well as those aspiring to grow their business.

1. Answer, “why should I care?”

Providing a program you know your target audience needs, wants and desires, is part one of fulfilling an important sales mantra. But part two has to answer the question of why the individual should care.

The only reason someone or a corporation will buy into a solution in any format is because they have a problem that needs to be resolved. Before you can sell your product or service, or even yourself on an interview, you have to understand the pain points of the other and the added ramifications.

2. Speak to why they should care

Are you able to empower others with productivity and effectiveness, reduce expense, or increase their ROI? These examples answer problems of pain points and will definitely speak to why they should care. Now you will have gained their attention.

3. Belief and Trust

If what you have is so powerful, you will need to prove your statements, without sounding egotistical. State the facts, and be specific. Do you have powerful testimonials on your behalf, statistics backing your claim, recognition, and/or awards? Are these reflected on your profile pages and website?

Your information needs to be posted and seen multiple times over for the belief and trust to take hold.

4. Branding

Using the advice of Step #3, you will soon be building an effective branding campaign. The more people who see your activity and in a variety of formats, the greater the credibility you have.

This is where all of the steps come together to attract the audience you desire. It is because you hit the caring, and they desire to learn more.

5. Sales

Rather than diving into the sale when you are contacted, inquire first with, “What caught your attention most that motivated you to speak with me?”

The question produces client feedback that will further empower your effort and will help you to achieve the Smooth Sale !