Embrace These Qualities to Move Past Tough Times

Everyone faces challenges of some sort, but success is in how you embrace these qualities to move past tough time.  Re-strategizing, motivation to continue, and believing you can be successful all lend a helping hand. But, the stress can make all of the above easier said than done. Over time, we learn how to deal with the stressful circumstances to move past tough times.

It took me years to believe pundits suggesting that we are to slow down so that we may speed up results. Meditation or a walk in nature often brings new ideas that work far better. At the same time, we are to accept what we can’t fix and employ help. The end of solving what doesn’t work is in resetting goals and procedures, ensuring all elements work harmoniously.

Sales is a natural communication for me, but entrepreneurship quickly moved me to tough times. The learning curve was seemingly more treacherous to me than climbing Mount Everest. But the intrigue caught my interest and never left. I am forever dedicated to learning and doing what is needed.

Universal truths about business include:

  • We put our prospects and clients first
  • Excuses never work out well
  • Integrity is a must; without it business declines
  • We are to step up to each stressful situation to find a satisfactory solution for all
  • Our initial plan often requires revision
  • As plans move forward, never assume but gain confirmation
  • Continue to reset goals to improve the game

The bonus is in connecting with others who are learning, and those who are leading the way.

Corporate sales taught me:

  1. Salespeople in the same office unwittingly teach what not to do
  2. Observing the competition teaches the best and the worst strategies
  3. Asking prospective clients how they prefer to buy is beneficial on multiple levels
  4. Honesty in all regards proves to be the best policy
  5. Delivering value beyond expectations produces a returning clientele

The retail business similarly similar concerning its clientele. A favorite café has the following signage on display. You can see that the client experience comes first.

Transferring the sales lessons to entrepreneurship was helpful, but not enough. Learning about the history of others led me to realize it’s smart to mirror the athletic mindset. Practice and perseverance are the key factors that help us improve our game. Not every encounter is a win, but it provides experience and insight on how to improve.

A favorite quote is that of Michael Jordan:

I’ve missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I’ve been trusted to take the game-winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.

One excellent way to embrace the principles shared above is to tune in to webinars presented by those you admire. Paula Fellingham is a leading female entrepreneur who created The WIN. The Women’s International Network, is dedicated to mentoring females around the world. It is community service in its most elegant form. You may tune in on International Women’s Day, weekend, and participate. Join the movement on www.InternationalWomensDay.org  from 9 am to 5 pm PST as 20 experts will share 20-minute compelling presentations.

Move past tough times

You have most likely thought about changing jobs, careers, and-or approach to your endeavors. Change is never easy, but once in place, satisfaction increases. The most difficult is in taking a leap of faith by trying something completely new. Doing so describes the start of a new business. Excitement is at an all-time high in the beginning, but then reality sets in with the need to move past tough times.

On the days that frustration takes hold, take a time-out to either enjoy the outdoors or entertainment of some type. A sporting event can be motivating upon seeing athletes doing whatever it takes to make their goals. Movies and standup improvisation may help percolate new ideas. Improvisation, in particular, mirrors good business practices as it encourages the audience actors to interact. The actors carefully listen to the suggestions and then develop new scenarios for consideration on the spot. Understanding the practice can lend flexibility to how you deal with clientele.

Quitting never works, because you can’t regain the momentum. So the next time, the topic arises in your mind, ask yourself how you will feel if you stop. A better solution is to recognize the areas you most enjoy. Come to terms with your fondest wishes, including the recognition that will make your effort worthwhile. Now re-evaluate your current plan and revise for the better.

Last, combine forces with those who are seemingly more successful and willing to help lead you to a better path. Learning from every experience will help you move past tough times and put you on the road to success.

Sales Tips: Qualities to move past tough times

  1. Motivate yourself to continue
  2. Admit to where you need help
  3. Study information and observe others for a comprehensive approach
  4. Ask for insights and feedback from clientele
  5. Come to terms with what you hold most important
  6. Revise your action plan to reflect your passion
  7. Set new short-term and stretch goals
  8. Create a mastermind group dedicated to helping one another
  9. Share opportunities and become a mentor as you learn
  10. Celebrate Success!