Is Your Fear Really Bigger Than Your Dream?

Mind Traps!

Here is a list of the most common “drag you down, get in the way of success” mind traps:

  • Defeatist (Accepting, expecting, or being resigned to defeat; why try if we know we can’t win- even if we can?
  • Cynical (Contemptuously distrustful of human nature and motives)
  • Vindictive (Seeking rev”enge; interestingly, the reflection is on you, not them)
  • Blame/ Fault (Who cares? What are we going to do now?)
  • Wishful (Do what you can to influence the deal/ project/ situation and keep moving)
  • Self-pity (Get over yourself… complain less … especially to yourself)
  • Worrisome (It won’t help, costs time, and can drag you down)
  • Jealous (Want it? Then go out and earn it!)
  • Pre-argumentative (The imaginary argument you have to prepare yourself for the argument that may never happen)
  • Post-argumentative (The imaginary argument you have where you’re quicker than you were in the actual argument; there’s plenty of time to panic after the dust has settled)
  • Procrastination (If you’re going to procrastinate, you might as well do something fun instead of thinking about how bad it is that you’re procrastinating… dummy!)
  • “I can’t…”, I don’t…”, I won’t…” (Wow, talk about a negative, self-reinforcing, self-defeating attitude, this is it!)
  • Related: When to Appeal to Emotions, When to Sell With FactsHere’s a way to set a new paradigm for success. Begin to substitute “If only I’d…” with “Next time I’ll…” The difference is that by being forward looking and solution oriented you’ll shift from a negative attitude to one that is positive and can do.As the expression goes, “ Whatever it takes, that’s what I do.” David Mellor (1963 – ) American groundskeeper Director of Grounds, Fenway ParkSo, what does it take for you? Is your fear really bigger than your Dream? Wow, what’s that all about?!