Female Advisors No Longer Need to Sacrifice to Succeed

Female Financial Advisors continue to make sacrifices in order to succeed, sacrifices that are no longer necessary in order to build a thriving financial services practice. 

Just today I was coaching a young woman who has built a great practice as an independent financial advisor.  She recently brought in a new female partner and she is beginning to recognize all that she has tolerated and suffered through for so many years.  Her philosophy and approach to the business is very different than her male counterparts thus every group decision becomes a battle or a conflict of principles.  With her new partner she is having more fun, feeling more confident, more energize and her vision of the future is changing. 

By creating her team of women, her new partner and her sales assistant she is creating the environment that is more conducive to her needs as a woman.  As she stated on the call “For years I have felt like this lone wolf doing everything by myself.”  Relying on your company or branch environment to provide what you need to build a thriving practice can limit what you can accomplish.  When a female advisor is able to create the environment that nurtures her soul success becomes unlimited.  The question then becomes how far do you want to go, both financially and with your message?

What is interesting is that women automatically are different and yet they are constantly trying to blend in losing their uniqueness.  This loss of identity can play a toll on your life, you begin sacrificing things that are important to you just to gain the approval of your peers.  You sacrifice your principles in order to apply the sales methods taught because that is all you know.  Women often sacrifice their integrity as they deny themselves the opportunity to be themselves for fear that their authentic self will upset the apple cart.  By adapting to the current environment you are denying yourself the success you deserve with fewer sacrifices.   

Perhaps years ago this was the only way women could succeed but not today.  If you feel that you are sacrificing important aspects of your life think again.  If you find yourself performing activities that make you feel less that great inside then it’s time for a change.  If you are tired of hiding who you are as a woman then it’s time to break the mold and begin to shout from the roof tops.  You are truly valuable as a woman and even more valuable as a female financial advisor, it’s time you recognized this value and begin to share it with the world. 

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