Financial Advisor Productivity Tips From Bill Gates

Do you sometimes feel you can’t get it all done?

Between serving clients, growing your business and your private life, it’s easy to have more tasks in your head than you feel you could ever handle.But some people DO get it all done. In fact, some extraordinary entrepreneurs get more done in 10 years than billions of people in their lifetimes. One of them is Bill Gates.In this episode, you’ll get productivity tips the Microsoft founder himself uses to get everything done without being stressed or sacrificing family time.Show highlights include:
  • Why not cleaning your own house isn’t selfish or arrogant, but helps you impact those around you in a great way. (8:30)
  • Why Bill Gates schedules his day down to 5-minute increments—and how doing the same can help you get more done every day. (12:20)
  • The research-backed way to get the most out of your work time while taking plenty of breaks. (12:45)
  • How to turn “dead time” (like waiting in a doctor’s office or commuting) into time which grows you and your business. (17:05)