Financial Disadvantage For Women Starts Early

Here is yet another article that illustrates the financial problems that await women in retirement.

Apparently the pay gap begins in childhood. But the real consequence of this type of discrimination is that women will be left with little to no financial resources to take care of their needs in retirement.

Ladies, I keep saying this over and over, we need to be relentless about creating our own financial security for retirement. There are options available for safeguarding your financial future.

The key points:

  • 40 percent of single women will retire into poverty
  • The reality of women’s working life is that they simply will not generate the same level of retirement savings as men simply by working
  • Women who graduate with a bachelor degree can expect to earn $1.5 million less over a lifetime
  • Women make up 42 percent of the workforce and earn 17.2 per cent less
  • Too many women will retire into poverty unless we take some very firm steps to address this
  • Isn’t it interesting that this article was published just two days before International Women’s Day?