Five Tips for Managing an Advisory Team Successfully

There is some level of management in just about every job. Sometimes it’s managing important tasks, while other times it’s managing an entire team. If you have been given the title of manager, it can feel daunting because you are ultimately responsible for the outcome of your department. The primary goal of a manager is to drive the success of a team. While that’s what all managers endeavor to accomplish, the methods used can be vastly different. The information below sheds light on some of the top ways to manage a business team successfully.

Commit to Professional Development

No one person on earth knows everything. We can all learn something new at every stage in life. While someone with 10 years of management experience will have more knowledge than a leader with 2 years of experience, it’s important to understand that ongoing professional development is imperative for success. For instance, there are always new sales manager skillsthat can be developed to boost revenue, especially given that related technology is constantly evolving. It’s important that you understand trends in sales related to the use of social media platforms, customer relationship management software, artificial intelligence for data analysis and many other areas.

Be Consistent

Maintaining consistency as a manageris sometimes easier said than done. It’s important because the people you manage are paying attention to what you do and what you don’t do. For instance, if you reprimand one person for a certain behavior, there’s an expectation that you will reprimand everyone else for that behavior. Failure to do so can create friction among the team because it will start to feel like unfair treatment. Being consistent also applies to what you allow when it comes to time off and other aspects of the job.

Develop a Rewards System

There’s no way around the fact that people like to be rewarded for their hard work. If you don’t currently have a rewards system, it’s worth the time and effort required to implement one as a way to optimize management of your business team. While the best rewards systems involve money, there are other options. For instance, you can reward someone with public accolades during a meeting or a trophy at an event. A rewards system enables you to constantly let your team know that you see and appreciate their efforts.

Build a Cohesive Team

Building a cohesive team requires you to focus on the importance of collaborationand cooperation during projects. Sometimes simply focusing on a common goal and the role that each person will play can help you foster an environment that’s more synergistic. Another way to promote teamwork is by posting the company mission and making sure it’s visible to everyone. It's a simple reminder of why everyone is there. Holding team meetings is another way to develop cohesion.

Value Transparency

Transparency is important as a manager. While there are some instances when you simply cannot share information about what’s happening at senior levels, you don’t want a situation where there is fear because nobody knows what’s happening or what to expect. A toxic environment filled with anxiety and fear is likely to develop when there is a lack of transparency. Simply put, don’t withhold information unnecessarily.


All of the tips provided can help you succeed as a manager by achieving a higher level of effectiveness. Just keep in mind that working hard doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. In fact, a fun work environment can lead to higher productivity. You can cultivate a work environment that’s enjoyable in simple ways, such as bringing in donuts on Wednesdays or ordering pizza on Fridays. However, it doesn’t have to be food related. You can also plan outdoor team building events.

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