GaryVee Explains Why Every B2B Brand Should Have a Podcast

I was listening to Gary Vaynerchuk's podcast this past weekend (because I'm addicted to GaryVee), and he said something that made my ears perk up.

In an episode titled "A Keynote: Advice to Young Startups in Chattanooga", from the 11:50 mark to the 13:50 mark, Gary explains why every B2B company should have a podcast.

Considering the fact that I own a podcast agency for B2B brands, his little rant got me more excited than a 12 year old girl at a Bieber concert.

Gary shared the exact same thesis that we preach to our prospects every single day.

Below is a slightly edited transcript (for those reading this that aren't a fan of F bombs) of Gary's rant on why every B2B brand should have a podcast:

"Here’s what I would do if I became your partner, Mark.

I would say, “Look. We’re a media company Mark, and then we are whatever we are, right?”

I think every company in here is mainly a B2B technology company. Every one of you should start a monthly podcast on the narrowest of narrow niches in your world.

Because the truth is, you don’t need as many people as I do for listening. You just need the 1,500 people in your industry to listen.

Nobody’s doing a podcast.

And then what’s even crazier: if you become the podcast, and your guests are the senior executives of the companies you’re trying to do business with, they’re so happy to be “fake famous,” they just give you the business.

You love it, right? It’s so smart. Like, this is so smart, you start the podcast, and the first person is the CMO or CEO or CTO or CIO or CFO of the company you want the business for...

“Hey Rick, you’re so amazing. Can you be our guest?”


Who ever asks Rick, the CFO of Container Company for anything? Now Rick gets to send his buddies at Duke, “I was on a podcast,” and nonetheless, you won.

Got it?

So I would act like a media company. Start that podcast.

Who cares if only 800 people listen? I promise you, if you have a podcast based on what I just heard, there’s only 800 people that could listen to it. And if you get 280 of them, you won.

And I call it the “high school party” concept. Like, somewhere along the way, somebody who’s not that popular in high school realizes, “If I throw the party, because my parents are away, and the cool kids come and trash my house, I by proxy am kind of cool.”

And that’s actually how I think about becoming the media company in your industry.

By just becoming the podcast and getting two people to be on your show, which completely plays to their ego, so they’ll say yes, you’re basically in the mix.

Be the media company."

There ya have it. Gary said should do it.