Do You Follow Popular Thought or Go Your Own Way?

Most people give their predictions with such certainty; it is difficult not to follow popular thought. At the very least, we should check the latest ideas out from multiple perspectives.

Before leaping forward with the crowd, it is best to answer the following three questions:

  • Will the concept work harmoniously with what I have in place
  • Is the idea in alignment with my values and priorities
  • Will the popular thought advance my progress?
  • It appears we have come almost full circle with the strategy of how to sell well. When I began, sales representatives were assigned territories. I was instructed to knock on fifty company doors per day in an attempt to make an appointment at each establishment. Instruction included ignoring the ‘do not solicit’ signage. I was also advised to initiate numerous new telephone calls every day.

    To Cold Call or Not to Cold Call’ ~ That Is The Question

    Visiting the business parks and cold calling were the popular methods of long ago. Suddenly, it seemed, all instruction changed due to new popular thought. We were told, ‘Cold calling is dead.’ Referral based selling took the spotlight.I found the announcement puzzling due to my previous success. My initial acquaintances soon became friendly. They were the ones who guided me through to the decision-makers.

    Recognizing the problem of ‘do you follow popular thought?’

    I took the time to realize why many salespeople were passionately against cold calling.How you communicate your attitude affects your results.Most people I knew in the profession were guilty of the following:
  • Believing it is impossible to get through to decision-makers by phone or a visit
  • Allowing their ego to over-compensate for their fear of trying
  • Talking down to people who are not at the executive level
  • Inter-connecting two schools of thought; the old and new

    The new method became referral selling. Having a referral at hand is seen by the majority as shortening the sales cycle. Many also view referrals as being more predictable.Unfortunately, the popular thought isn’t always right. Many times, the people who are referred, believe they have the upper hand. Some referrals will attempt to manipulate the outcome of the sale.The worst is when the salesperson finds herself in the middle of a difficult situation. No one wants to cave to an unreasonable demand. The big dilemma is in not wanting to put off the referring party.Not every referral works out as described. However, it is essential to be well aware of all the nuances of every conversation.

    Improve Attitude – Improve Results

    Think positively; be cheerful and respectful toward all.The combination of cold calling and good referrals will guide you to the winning strategy. One more step is essential for earning more sales. The top producers will call or visit with a friendly tone of voice, and use empathy as they listen. By mixing the different components for a comprehensive approach, we will continue to enjoy a full pipeline of opportunity.One more question about ‘do you follow popular thought?’ needs clarification. Watch the video below that explains my perception of ‘assuming the sale.’Should you be one who routinely follows popular thought, take time to analyze your results. Are you satisfied with achievements? Or, do you believe you may be overlooking something? Begin listing items and habits to incorporate today.Now consider how you contact prospective clients:
  • Is there room for improvement?
  • Do you wait for referrals and leads?
  • Do you proactively seek out new prospects?
  • Now consider the question, ‘Do you follow popular thought always or just on occasion when it appears to be the best solution?’

    Basic Elements of Relationship Selling

    Prospective clients exist everywhere. No matter the place or situation, be friendly when you encounter another. Most often, the quick conversation consists of merely a ‘hello.’ However, on other occasions, a dialogue begins to unfold. Take advantage by asking about the person’s work. You might surprise yourself by where the initial question takes you.At networking events, greet those you meet with a smile. Ask what they do. Should the response intrigue you, inquire if they are interested in finding ways to help one another.Research companies that you believe to be a good fit. Next, research the industry and its inherent problems. Consider how your company may potentially be able to fix one or all of their issues. Then pick up the phone to arrange an appointment.If you have an expense account, send greeting cards to the executives that put a smile on your face. It’s a guarantee you will stand out from the crowd.As you meet receptionists, guards, and admin staff, ask how their day is going. Next, ask how they like working at the company. Their reactions are excellent indicators for you.

    Asking For and Receiving Referrals

  • Always accept referrals, but qualify them just as you would all other potential clients.
  • When a new client voluntarily expresses satisfaction with what you deliver, ask if they know of anyone else who will appreciate a similar service.
  • Use multiple channels and resources to find a better fit.
  • Improve results by maximizing the opportunities at hand.

    Sales Tips: Do You Follow Popular Thought?

  • Never rely on just one method for obtaining new clients
  • Be open to multiple possibilities for your sales pipeline
  • Continue to analyze all strategies to confirm what is working best
  • Hear out the latest in popular thought while continuing to do what works well for you
  • Do not fear to be different; it is your personal brand that will stand out
  • Capture all notes in a CRM system
  • Promptly follow-up as promised
  • Success resides in asking the right questions
  • The ultimate reward is in achieving success your way
  • Celebrate Success!
  • Today’s blog is provided to help you achieve the Smooth Sale!