Growing Your Centers of Influence

Last week we spoke about connecting with Centers of Influence who you have a warm lead with (you share clients with). Today we’re talking about connecting with Centers of Influence who you have nothing in common with, but you’d love to get to know.Recently I had a coaching client ask me, “How do you grow Centers of Influence? How do you add to the CPAs you’re already working with when you don’t know these people at all?”This is what I suggested, as far as a format for an email to send out:“Hi Sarah,My name is Paul Kingsman, and I own XYZ Advisory (or mention that you’re a partner or your position in that company) where we primarily focus on families and their financial planning needs and aspirations.”You’re telling the person a little about your business.“We continue growing, and while we enjoy close relationships with a couple of local CPAs (maybe estate attorneys) already, we’re needing to build relationships with two more.”Related: How to Deepen Relationships with Centers of Influence What that clarifies when you say that is, “We’re growing. We’re doing things right. We’re getting referral business, and we need some help. We’re looking specifically for two more; this isn’t a scattergun approach to bringing on new Centers of Influence. We’re specifically looking for two more people to begin working with.”“Do you have fifteen minutes for a phone call on either Thursday, June the 15th after 1:00 p.m. or Tuesday, June the 20th after 2:00 p.m.? If neither of these times suit, please suggest a couple of dates and times that do, and we can plan from there.”Nice and easy.So,1. Don’t hesitate to email Centers of Influence or people you’d like to meet who could potentially help your business grow.2. Keep the email short and succinct, and tell them who you help and how you help, but why you’re looking to meet. Don’t hide the fact that you’re potentially looking to do business with them.3. Clarify, be honest: we’re growing. We need help. But we need specific help, and we’re thinking that you may be a person who can provide us with that.So, keep it short. Be approachable — connect using some specific dates and times. Get their response. (If you don’t hear back from them after seven to ten days, email them again.) And keep working through the local CPAs or estate attorneys until you get the ideal two next Centers of Influence who will help you grow your business.