Hard Work Increases Your Value

Steve Jobs was the chairman, chief executive officer, and co-founder of Apple Inc. He has many quotes associated with him to encourage individuals. One such quote was “In the broadest context, the goal is to seek enlightenment – however, you define it. This slogan fits aptly in defining what the personal benefits of hard work in the workplace stands for.

Working hard does not stand for workaholism, but rather stands for a commitment to your work goals at the time. Your workplace goal is in the rewards more so than in the outcome. Yes, our monetary rewards like our gross wages , insurance, vacation, etc. al, is a part of the kudos in our workplace. But, are you completely satisfied with the work that you are turning out?

Your hard work is what started as your vision and wound up as an excellent result. Yes, working hard in the workplace takes time toward your successful end. Working hard gives you a better more comfortable life. However, before you get to success, your hard work trail will be a little uncomfortable.

No, not every job is comfortable and you may at times need to motivate yourself. Just remember, that your hard work increases the value in what you do and how you do it. Working hard in the workplace is your road map to rising higher and higher in your life's goals.

Getting The Right Attention

Hard work on the job will generate the attention of the right people. When your diligence is recognized, it fosters the right people to place you on their shoulders to lift you up higher. No matter what field or industry that you work in, your hard work which consists of quality and perfect details, garners the admonition of people who are already at the level that you are hoping to achieve.

For example, a janitor worked in a factory and he took his responsibilities seriously, even though it was back-breaking work. A flu epidemic broke out in surrounding office buildings, but only a few people contracted the flu in the building where the janitor worked. When the local health agency's looked into the work environment, they found that the janitor's building was nearly immaculate and free from the types of bacteria that were found in other workplaces.

The janitor was rewarded for his diligence and as a result, he was offered a job in silicon valley at five times his normal salary and a boatload of benefits. Yes, hard work got the janitor noticed because his story was published in the local newspaper. But what if you are working hard from your little cubicle, is your work noticeable? There are steps to make that can get you noticed, i.e., having a specialized skill, take on more responsibilities, and speak up for yourself by showing your managers your achievements.

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Hard Work and Personal Benefits

Now let's talk about your personal benefits in hard work in the workplace. Hard work builds character and discipline. A character should be an active verb we all could develop every day. Character and discipline is a demonstration of how we do things and why we do things. Discipline and character also determine how we come through adversarial events or hardships.

These two characteristics are built like a muscle, with hard work. When the work gets hard, do you roll up your sleeves and hit it hard or do you give up and head for the door? People develop a sense of value and stick-to-itiveness when you see work projects through. Character and discipline are derived from the work process and its outcome. You can look at the labor of your own hands and take pride in what you have achieved.

Actually, hard work does not mean physically taxing yourself into exhaustion. As a matter of fact, hard work can be accomplished smartly and not harshly. With a strong character and disciplinary skills developed, your confidence is also strengthened. Employers believe that character and discipline are very important in a company's working culture .

Employers look at each employee's work character and the discipline in which they conduct their business. When employees exemplify an honest character, these are virtues that show leadership skills and signals to the employer that this person stands out for future promotions.