Healthy Diet Ideas to Rise Above the Afternoon Slump

A lot of adults accept that they are going to be low-energy at the office. Every day, fatigue begins to settle in. Typically, the mid-afternoon is perfect for office fatigue. It doesn’t have to be this way, however. In fact, you can make simple diet choices that change your energy levels at work .

Choose Your Snacks Healthily

Snacking throughout the day can help boost your energy levels. If you start to feel down, there’s no shame in reaching for a healthy snack. The type of food you eat at snack time, however, will determine whether you have energy to face the rest of your day or whether you remain sluggish.

Bananas, for instance, are a great source of carbohydrates, vitamins and potassium. Just keep one at your desk, in case of a fatigue emergency. Apples also offer carbohydrates and fiber. The natural sugars and fiber provide sustained energy release. This means that your sugars and energy levels won’t spike and drop suddenly.

If you want something sweet, dark chocolate is a nice go-to snack. It’s healthier than the milk chocolate alternative too. Cocoa has a lot of antioxidants and can help increase your body’s blood flow.

Drink Your Coffee Mindfully

Coffee is an office staple. Millions of workers reach for the coffee pot every morning. The thing that separates everyone is what they put in it. What do you put in your morning cup of joe?

Sweet creamers are the most dependable when it comes to livening up the brew. You don’t have to settle for the run-of-the-mill creamer, however. For the health conscious, cutting the creamer out entirely might sound like the best idea. Don’t worry, you don’t have to forgo a pleasant cup for health.

A goat milk creamer offers different benefits than creamers derived from cow’s milk. Goat’s milk has higher levels of fatty acids. Fatty acids provide quick energy for that morning or afternoon boost.

Reach for Your Water Regularly

It’s easy to reach for the coffee when you start feeling sluggish. Maybe you even crave an energy drink or a sugary soda to curb the sluggishness. Ease up on the sugar and reach for the water bottle instead. You may be thinking that it’s only water. You know that it’s important to stay hydrated , you’ve heard that water is great for your skin and crucial for overall health, but what about increasing your energy levels?

Water does that too! When you’re dehydrated, oxygen can’t flow to your brain as easily. This leads to fatigue. It can even combat the stress that you’re under at work. Dehydration increases the stress hormone. Stress, subsequently can lead to further exhaustion.

Plan Your Lunch Thoughtfully

It can be tempting to go for fast food or takeout when you’re in the office. The problem with takeout is that it’s more likely to leave you feeling more sluggish than you were to begin with. If you can help it, don’t reach for fast food or takeout when it’s lunch time. Plan your meals in advance. If you bring your lunch to work, then you can control how much energy you have after you eat.

For meat, consider fish. Fish has a number of different health benefits . Fatty fish, especially are known to boost energy levels. Salmon and tuna, for instance, have omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3s can lower the inflammation in your body and help ease fatigue. Additionally, fatty fish have B vitamins that can help you increase your energy levels.

If you’re looking for healthy sides, consider brown rice or sweet potatoes. These are complex carbohydrates that are full of vitamins and fiber. Your body digests the food slowly, which results in a slow release of energy throughout the day.

While adequate sleep is important, your diet also determines your energy level at work. If you catch yourself feeling fatigued, remember these diet tips. If you eat and snack healthily, you’ll no doubt have more energy throughout the day.

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