How Advisors Sabotage Their Own Success

As the new decade draws near, it is important that we come prepared with the right frame of mind.

So for today’s episode, I want to talk about how some advisors sabotage their own success and growth by being in the wrong mindset.What we do as Advisors is important work -- It’s serious business! I noticed some advisors that I came across have this concept of just getting through and surviving for the day. And that’s all they do.Another thing I noticed is that a lot of advisors have issues with their own wealth. Advisors get to their comfort zone when they were able to pay their bills and meet their obligations. It gives them a rationale not to improve.As a result, you sabotage your success. You stop asking for referrals, you stop doing your morning rituals, and you stop doing business planning and reviews. Advisors go to the concept of maintaining their status. The problem with this concept is there’s no such thing as staying “Still”.Watch this video to learn more about how to overcome these mindsets and how to deal with failure in this business.Related: Advisors: What is Your 5X Version of You?