How Are You Planning to Leverage Your Current Status?

Are you planning to leverage your current status?  The discipline to move forward is critical for doing well in the next phase of business and career. Success depends upon our motivation to continue learning, revise goals as we approach achieving some, and diving deep into what drives us.

Recognizing our key motivators and which topics excite us the most can lead us into a new realm of what is achievable. The combination of soul searching and dedication to ‘doing what it takes’ is the defining strategy for those who succeed. It is in the planning to leverage your current status that makes all the difference.

Long ago, I continually heard the word, leverage, from a coach. In short, whatever we find to work the best, we are to multiply that venue into multiple possibilities. The gentleman also stressed that I eliminate the strategies that are no longer working well. His advice will never grow old. It’s more important than ever to examine where we are and where we want to go. The combination of society and technology rapidly changing encourages us to take action today.

Many articles earn attention as they give insight into some of these changes that will prompt many more. As I read the articles, I contemplate how the change will affect the suppliers as well as the people who purchase. 

Article #1

The Amazon Go Store is coming near you soon. A Google search supplies the following brief description. ‘Amazon Go is a chain of convenience stores in the United States operated by the online retailer Amazon. The stores are partially automated, with customers able to purchase products without being checked out by a cashier or using a self-checkout station.’ All that is required is an Amazon account for check-in, but there is no standing in line for check-out. The process is, pick out what you need, place it in your bag, and walk out the door.

Article #2

Banking as we know it is rapidly changing. published an article entitled, ‘These disruptors will end banks as we know them.’  It isn’t the first time I saw similar predictions. One motivating factor is the attempt to cut down on internet fraud.

Planning to leverage your current status involves extra factors.  The downside to some of the future technologies concerns legal matters and ethics. How far can a company go before they violate ethics along with a person’s privacy? Before making decisions, weigh all opinions and options. The concern is another reason for welcoming people of varying backgrounds and cultures for a more robust solution.

Article #3

The best sales technique is to ask questions and continue asking until everything is well-understood. Upon visiting the Revenue Grid website, you will immediately see excellent advice: “Lead your team to repeatable revenue.’

In a recent report, Revenue Grid asks sales influencers (myself included): ‘Is it time to pivot? Is now a good time to be bold? How can you effectively approach customers without seeming like a cold and calculating cutthroat?’

Providing further food for thought, Revenue Grid continues, ‘Business is coming back to life, with new concerns, priorities, and struggles to boot. To stay clear-headed and keep the course, we asked industry leaders for their rebound strategies to recover in a changing market.

Come find out how you can not only survive but thrive in this new era; click this link. 

You will find a common thread in the multiple responses and a variety of excellent insights and tips.

Reading the articles and daily research available to us is meaningless without careful consideration. Everything depends upon the plan to leverage your current status.

Upon taking the insights seriously, the action steps that follow will be our determining factors for remaining in Business and achieving the desired results.

The news is blasting in front of us on many levels, not just technology. Biases exist in many shapes and forms and affect team morale.

Should you employ people, consider:

  • How can you improve respect for all?
  • Do you welcome input from those motivated to provide it?
  • Are you taking the ideas of each person seriously?
  • Are your salaries based on gender, race, or description of the job?
  • Does everyone have a fair shot for promotion and sitting on the Board?

Similar to creating a loyal clientele, the higher ideal is to create a loyal workforce. By examining current biases to revamp, and then leveraging the current status into the new, Business is far more likely to thrive.

As an entrepreneur, are you taking into account thought from a variety of experts of varying cultures? By applying the ideas with your clientele in mind, the more robust your sales pipeline will be. The goal is to develop a returning and referring clientele to remain in Business.

Last, when salespeople listen to the issues discussed in the daily news and apply the concepts to doing Business, sales will improve. Your clientele will be noticing the changes you make and how you strive to expand the effort. Upon establishing credibility, trust, and reliability, the company brand and your personal brand will see a dramatic increase in favorable response. The word of mouth and branding is a reminder always to seek to leverage your current status.

Sales Tips: Leverage Your Current Status

  1. Each evening review what works well and which strategies need improvement
  2. Eliminate each day that which does not produce much, and replace with a new approach
  3. Keep up with advances in technology
  4. Be aware of changes in society each day
  5. Leverage your current status with a flexible plan
  6. Apply what you see, hear, and read to your business and career development
  7. Continue to review and reset goals
  8. Each new goal is to be a further stretch from where you currently are
  9. Keep up the motivation by reminding yourself of your starting point.
  10. Celebrate Success!