How Financial Advisors Can Program Themselves for Success

If you’ve been a financial advisor for some time, you know becoming a successful advisor is about much more than investments, sales, marketing and other business skills.

And that’s where most financial advisors fail: The mental side of being in business.

While many financial advisors set themselves up for failure, you can train your mind to seek out success instead.You’ll find out how to “program” yourself for success in this episode. You’ll also get specific exercises you can do today to get on track to become the successful advisor you know you can be.Show highlights include:
  • The most important self-help author to read to attract success into your life. (4:00)
  • How “Mean World Syndrome” can either turbocharge your success or keep you from ever reaching it. (13:30)
  • Beware of “Lifestyle Creep”. If this affects you, you won’t live a better life, no matter how many clients you land. (17:30)
  • “Hidden” influences that sabotage your success and can decide whether your business flourishes or perishes. (23:15)
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