How Financial Services Is Dealing With the Crisis We Are Facing Today

Typically, when I do this, I always aim to add value by providing advice or techniques that work based on my 26 years of experience. But with what’s happening lately, there are a few things that've been rattling in my head that I would like to address to advisors out there. So for today’s special episode, I’d like to share with you my observations on how our industry is dealing with the crisis we are facing today.

Times are changing and there’ll be no such thing as “back to normal”. Because as we adapt to change, what’s left will be a “new normal”.

Our economy will be hit hard and for some industries, recovery will be difficult. But the advisor profession is one of the few ones that'll continue to thrive moving forward. And this is something that we should be extremely grateful for. Agree or disagree, in the end you have a choice -- you could either be the victim or the victor.

Watch this video to hear my personal opinion on how our industry should look at this situation and how to respond to change so that we all end up as winners.

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