How the Dark Forces of Procrastination Work and What to Do About It

Our future can take five paths.

Simon Bowen taught me that. You can find out more about Simon’s work here.

Each is five outcomes, of which you have absolute control over.

Your clients’ future also has five possibilities, and the insight into this has the potential to change the way they (and you) view (the evils of) procrastination.

The first is the ideal outcome. This is the “blow the lights out” option. The option that makes us smile and dream of reward won from hard work.

The second is sits just under that. It’s a good outcome that puts us in the range of “winner”.

The third is the midpoint. It’s the middling outcome we’ll get if we keep doing what we’ve always done.

The other two are what happens if we get hit from the blindside. One is bad, the other disastrous.

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There are two success factors at work here.

Factors A is the willingness to set sights on achieving the first or second outcome. The dream of a better future.

This is only partially effective.

Factor B is where you accelerate the move to action.

If you have prospects happy to delay advice for another few months, or existing clients you can’t pin down to even do a Review with you, this is well worth knowing.

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Christmas is nearly here, and I for one am looking forward to the recharge time, but I have one final thing I want to put out there.

The last pitch of the year, if you will.

I love to work with those great advice professionals who are hearing this stuff and feeling like this is the kind of business model they’d like to run.

I’ve shared with you just a small portion of what we cover on our Leveraged Advice Firm Program. I have two videos I’ve held back, which explain the whole framework for building an advice business model that scales all the way up, through seven stages, to a model that allows you to achieve more, work less and help more clients well into a multi-million dollar advice firm v2.0.

If this sounds like what you might want (or there’s even a small part of it that appeals and piques your interest) I don’t need you to sign up for anything. Just comment to this post with ‘I’m interested’ and I’ll send you the videos and share, with absolutely no obligation, what it’s all about.

If it’s not right for you, I’ll say so.

If it’s likely to be out of your price range, I’ll be honest and say so.

But if it is right, I’ll make you happy the day you took action.

And that’s the last I’ll mention of it between now and Xmas