How to Be Most Effective With the Gift of Time

Time is a gift we often want more of. Now we have plenty of it. What are the things you've said you'd do "if only you had some extra time"?

Even under stress we can do much good at this time in our history. That's why a really good question to ask yourself, as often as possible is “what is the best use of my time right now?”

I wasn't asking myself that question enough since I started working less, and so, I found myself very down in the dumps. To that end, I write this article as a reminder for myself of what I can be doing, and hopefully the list in this article will get you motivated, too.

Maybe you're like me and have been working from home a long time. Maybe working from home is new to you. Either way, when you don't have the freedom of going out and doing what you want, because you want to be safe, and keep others safe, too, it's easy to not be productive. When you can't connect physically with people (I'm a big hand shaker), life seems weird. When I just can't get in the car and drive to relatives or just for the heck of it, life seems more than hard.

But there is plenty we all can do. Not just to be busy, but to be productive and make the best use of the time we have now.

Below are some suggestions of things we can do to help our business:

Create an Executive Schedule. It’s a schedule of how you’ll be spending your day. I’m sure you’ve seen them and may have one in Excel somewhere. To the free Executive Schedule I'm offering you at the end of this article, block time off for what’s most important to you at this point in your life.

Here are some other ideas of what to do with your work time:

Video chat or Teleconference with clients and prospects. Never did it before, start with the resources I’m below.

Take a new look at one piece of technology you’re paying for. When I do that, I learn easier ways to do things I’ve been doing the hard way!

Write an article to send to your clients, and include a personal note. Post the article to your blog and put on LinkedIn. Make it a topic that would be of interest to your ideal clients — but don’t make it business related! Tip: “Top 5 Ways to _____” is a great way to start.

Create or update your business plan.

Nail your niche, once and for all. Many good tools online to start the process, including my blog.

Make sure your LinkedIn profile is up to date.

Clean or organize your email.

Learn how to use all the features your email program offers. There is much free training online.

Learn what Hoot Suit, Buffer, Revive Your Post are and see if they can help you in your business.

Create a subscription box for your blog using Jetpack. Place the code on your site and when you post to your blog, anyone on the list will receive a link to read the post.

Call prospects, who didn’t become a client, to see if there is any help you can do to help them.

Call former clients and see if things worked out well for them.

Learn how to video systems such as Start Meeting, Skype, Zoom or What’s App.

Get this quarters business tax records in order.

Some Personal Things You Can Do:

If you haven’t talked to your family about privacy while you’re working, now is the time to have the talk. Create an office off-limits space – even if you must work in a closet! Explain to your family what constitutes an emergency (i.e. times they can disrupt you). Often, my clients create a poster called “wow-man working” or “dad working”, etc. When the flyer is on the door (or nearby wall, etc.) your office is off limits to family.

Look at one item you can change in your diet and “do it”.

Do something nice for the people you are around and be greatful because some of us are "home alone".

Do major shopping for the next month.

Choose a recipe you’d like to try and make it.

Start a gratitude journal.

Watch an inspiring TV show.

Create a business and/or personal tolerations list. I’ll supply the directions at the end of this article.

Get help keeping focused. Join an Integrity Day.

Get that CD out of your drawer on yoga (or other exercise) and spend 10 minutes doing it.

Learn how to do something new.

Play games with your family.

Call friends, family members, alumni and others — especially people you miss in your life.

Find a religious service online or via TBN (etc.) View it.

Clean your pantry out. Donate anything good (not expired) that you no longer want to a pantry.

Clean a room in your house from top to bottom. If that’s too overwhelming, choose a closet to reorganize. Post items you no longer want but are good for someone else on,, Pass It along or other Facebook groups where things are given away for free. Anything not given away, donate.

Enjoy your time by doing nothing important. Recharge. Look out the window at the wildlife. Open the window and listen to wildlife.

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Resources Mentioned In This Article

Executive Schedule

Going Virtual Starts Here. For free video and notes visit the bottom of

Tolerations Instructions

Integrity Day – A great way to get things done with accountable

TBN for services There are many religious programs, for just about every religious or spiritual leaning available via cable, YouTube, and Roku.

Hoot Suite –

Buffer –

Revive Your Post –

Jetpack Subscription Box –