How to Get Noticed for a Leadership Role at Work

According to statistics, millennial employees are not likely to stay in a job for a very long time. If you are someone who wants to hold on to something, like your job, for a much longer time or even permanently, if possible, then you’ll wonder if this is going to be beneficial for your career.

It’s good that you’d want to stay in your company for as long as you can, but sadly, the truth is that staying in the same workplace for a long time could end up in you being taken for granted. As a result, you may find yourself continuously struggling to prove to your colleagues and the management that you are worthy of a higher or a better position.

Here’s what you should do to make sure you are not overlooked for new career opportunities and that you get the respect you deserve:

Know your significant and unique value to your organization.

Before you could convince others that you have great value in the company, you must be the one to know or determine it first. Thus, self-evaluation is a crucial step. Over the years you’ve been in the company, have you done a lot to contribute to the company’s success? What makes you a unique employee? Do you think others value your presence? If so, why? Once you have realized your own value, you can move on to the next step.

Acknowledge your own value.

It is important that you respect your job and take pride in how you perform at work. As long as you take your job seriously and believe that it matters to the organization, others will do, too. Take a moment also to find out what other things you can do that will help the company grow. You should also ask management for feedback just so you could know how else you can be better.

Let your manager know your value.

Many companies still do annual performance reviews of their employees, and they still use it as basis for choosing who deserves to be promoted or not. You should not, however, rely on this and expect your manager to finally see how well you do your job.

Ask for a meeting with your manager and express your desire and willingness to give him or her updates about your performance. Ask how often your manager wants to get updates from you and make sure that you do update him or her about the status of your projects and other things.

Show them you can be a mentor.

Being able to mentor another employee is an indication of leadership skills. When you are able to bring out the best in those around you, it won’t take long until people see your worth and appreciate your presence. Doing this will also boost your self-confidence knowing that you have valuable knowledge, experience and skills that you can share with others.

If your career plan involves staying in the same job for some time, then you’ve got to make sure that your career progresses in the same organization. Don’t let people overlook you especially for a leadership role by reminding them constantly of your worth.