How to Influence Others to See Your Value

Within the first two months of my sales career, I had to learn how to influence others to see value in my offerings. How we communicate in person and on stage influences others to listen first. As we deliver our thoughts well, the value is evident, and then sales begin to flow .The best book on the topic is “How to Win Friends And Influence People,” Dale Carnegie. Training plus the book taught me how to communicate with confidence while leaving the ego behind. Fearless communication, in the executive office or on stage, delivers the message we want others to hear.It’s a known fact that people fear public speaking more than death. I listened carefully to an opening line from an old Seinfeld episode. The comedic take on the fear of speaking is, “People are better off being in the casket than doing the eulogy.”I routinely examine what is missing from my repertoire. My goal is to eliminate the old and replace with what I need to learn. The last step is to share what I learn but not in the typical form of ‘you should do.’

Influence for Selling Value

My style for influencing others to listen and potentially move forward is to ask if they will consider a new idea. Most often, people look surprised, but they return the question by asking what I have in mind.We then listen to one another while we discuss the idea in more detail. In the process, prospective clients will admit what is troubling them. We then advance to the need to fix the situation. But again, we exchange ideas as friends. Accordingly, the relationship and trust begin to build.‘Trust builds the sale including a returning and referring clientele.I refer to my approach as an informal negotiation. The more relaxed atmosphere reduces the need to lower fees or throw bonuses into the mix. Instead, we naturally agree.Test the waters to see how well the ask works for influencing others to listen.

Influence for Marketing

Write as if you are on a mission to help your audience succeed. Personalize your writing both from the other person’s perspective and yours. Ask questions, provide suggestions, and write in the first person. And be sure to share the significant lessons you learned to get to where you are today.Providing what a niche audience wants and desires will encourage offers you do not expect. For today’s example, see pages 4-5 in the Entrepreneurial Platform Magazine.

Use Video for Influence to Listen

Marketing coupled with intent to sell is not about who you know. According to CEO, Jo Weiland, the essential factors are who knows you, and what your expertise can do for them. The big question is, do others understand the value of hiring you?

I nfluence for Branding:

Once your audience recognizes that you do provide high-value content, many sights will ask permission to share. That’s right! Highly credible venues will ask if they may publish your articles, videos, and blogs. With the invitations arriving, you are graciously put on the path to influence others to listen!

Your Story: Influence Others To See Value

The Beatle’s lyrics come to mind, ‘with a little help from our friends.’ Although you may be in a career-climbing journey or entrepreneurship, it’s essential to have outside help awaiting.Consult with trusted others regularly to gain new ideas for improvement. Self educate and take classes on the topics that interest you in addition to what will help you advance. Seek out groups that speak to your interests and provide the help that you need. Answer these questions:
  • How do you plan to finish the year strong
  • What will be your primary focus
  • Which elements do you need to add for a more robust solution
  • Where are you most likely to get the best help
  • Is it now time to put a specific plan of action in place?
  • The more you are willing to learn in multiple ways, the more people will see the value in what you have to offer. Similarly, ask prospects and clients about their journey.Reciprocity reigns.As clients see you willing to learn about them, the more likely they will purchase from you.Continuing to deliver value encourages a returning and referring clientele.

    Sales Tips: Influence Others To See Value

  • Ask people why they are taking time for a meeting with you
  • Take notes on all topics, concerns, and questions others may have of you
  • Uncover all facts leading to the concerns and questions before replying
  • Together create a strategic plan of action
  • Add additional ideas that will build value for the client
  • Come to an agreement on which elements work best and how to proceed
  • Agree on a timeline for implementation
  • On stage, begin your talk with a serious question that commands attention
  • Speak to your audience needs, wants, and deep down desires
  • Celebrate Success!
  • Today’s blog is provided to help you achieve the Smooth Sale! Related: How You Lead Predicts Results